Remote Love eggs...

We got the mantric love egg the other day when it was DOTD. Maiden use I wasn’t totally thrilled if I’m honest I was expecting to be wowed but just didn’t really get much enjoyment from it at all. I’m wondering if it’s because I was in bed at the time / hubby didn’t put it in ‘properly’ does anyone have any experience with it? We are saving for the we vibe sync but I’m also worried now that I’ll be disappoint with that too??

Hi fun & funky,

I also have the mantric love egg, as well as the desire love egg. For me, neither are orgasmic. I need strong vibrations and pressure against my g spot to orgasm using a vaginal toy, and love eggs just aren't geared up for anything more than a gentle tease. I only use mine for a more interesting kegel work out and occasionally to add a bit of extra stimulation when I'm receiving oral. Squeezing my kegel muscles around it does feel good. I know some people love the thrill of using them out and about, but that's not really my thing, and I imagine its the thrill of being out and doing something naughty that's the turn on more than the egg alone. Chances are you're doing it right, it's just that eggs don't do much for you.

The we vibe sync is a completely different kettle of fish, however. I have a previous model of it, and it's so much better than my love eggs. This is because it stimulates my clit as well as g spot, and it sort of grips my vagina so does apply a bit of pressure. The other great thing about the we vibe is you can wear it during penis in vagina sex, which I think is so much more effective than a vibrating cock ring. The penis (or dildo) pushes the we vibe into my g spot, which feels good. However, some people find the we vibe doesn't fit them quite right, you have to get lucky with anatomy, and it's not the most powerful if you need lots and lots of power to orgasm.

Overall, I'd say don't let your experience with a love egg put you off trying the we vibe sync.

Thank you Jezebella that sounds really interesting! I’ll bear that in mind as I do want to tone my kegal muscles too :)

We will keep saving for the we vibe :)

We have the Tracey Cox couples kit which has an egg in. It's really powerful but it only teases the wife. It gives a little extra when you use it out and about as it adds that naughty factor.

I have the Lovense Lush 2 and honestly it’s so much better than any cheaper egg I’ve used before so a different model might work better though I’ve never used the we vibe. The said, agree that it’s more the idea of it that’s a turn on sometimes than the vibrations themselves. Position also makes a difference as I find sitting down with it in seems to cause more pressure which feels much better, especially gently rocking or grinding a bit while squeezing around it