Response E-mail

Not really something I need help with, rather just wondering...

Would it be possible to put in a system to e-mail the user when someone replies to a thread they have posted in? Something like that which in place on vBulletin forums.

Also I remember reading some time ago there used to be a edit button and it was coming back, which that happen? (Or have I just been very blind and missed it?)

Hi DAGross,

We've thought about the e-mail system, but decided against it because some threads can get very busy very quickly, so you'd get mutliple e-mails for every thread you're on.

Multiply that by the multiple threads you've posted on and you'll soon get fed up!

There's never been an edit button so yuou must be going mad. ;-) It's not good to let people go back and re-edit what they said in the past - it'd be too much like 1984!

We may introduce a "quickedit" that lets you edit a post for a few minutes after you post it so you can fix typos...

It's not very high on the priority list at the mo tho.

Happy New Year!

Forgot to say - when you view your own profile page - - the latest threads that you've posted on are shown at the bottom.

Hey Richard,

I do use the latest threads on my profile to keep up-to date but for me getting a e-mail of when someone has replied in a thread I have posted works best, but I do understand where you are coming from!

I have to agree on the re-edit and the "quickedit" was actually more along the lines I was looking for so this is good news!

Cheers for the reply.

Oh and a Happy New Year to you too!

(lol can't believe I just did that! Quickedit would have came in mighty handy :P)

one thing that could be useful is if someone quotes you you get an e mail, as with some of the aster moving threads you dont always see it, and it's a little rude not to reply sometimes

I know alot of other forums I'm on do email you on the 1st reply to one of your post.

t then stops emailing until you "revisit" that post, then it again emails you the 1st reply.....


Just as a matter of interest might one enquire as to what projects are currently in progress at LH?