Review failure

You know when you are writing a review that you know is going to be a long review because the item has quite a bit of kit? Well you get about half way through and it's looking good. Then you put your iPad down whilst making yourself a brew. You come back and where there we words it's now blank. You try everything you think of to bring them back. Thinking 'did I press something to make it disappear' trying so hard to go through your head to see if you really pressed a button you didn't want to. You know like when on autopilot it's something you usually do without thinking.
Well it's gone now. Gonna have to start again. Had a spare few hours to do it but now need to find a couple more hours to do it again.
Today is turning into one of those days. I think it's because of all those Belgium beers I drank on Saturday.

I've had that happen to me once written the full all ready to be submitted and it just disappeared. Deeply frustrating as you know you won't remember word for word what you wrote.

Yep, had that happen to me on occasion too. Really annoying....x

Write it in an office/word programme, you get the bonus of a spell check too.... Then cut n paste

And I bet it took ages as well especially having to fight with the auto correction as well.

Laptops are much simpler ..............................

I know this feeling! 

I hope it was a good cuppa and worth the re-write... 

Yep I've had this happen! So frustrating! I usually type in a text editor now and paste it in. A more annoying thing that happened once is I typed it all and sent it and I thought everything was fine. Turns out some gremlins intercepted it before it reached the LH editors. I didn't realize until two weeks later, by which point I'd completely forgotten all I'd written in the review and had to start again from scratch. That was a real bummer.

Know the feeling well i've had times where i've been doing a review and accidentally refreshed the page or closed the review tab i was working on when i meant to close a different browser tab so what i started doing is regularly copy/paste my review in to a draft e-mail as it saves instantly then if i do close or refresh the review tab by mistake i can just paste the saved review

Just redone the review. Fortunately it was fresh in my mind so it was just mainly typing. I think next time on the longer reviews I will have my laptop out.
As for the brew, by the time I had given up the ghost it was cold 😩

Glad you've got it done, what product? I'll keep an eye out for your review.

I have had this happen in the past on my desktop and now use the document writer in Libre Office then paste my review.

I've had that feeling. Turns out it somehow sent after a little talk with customer support and it all came through good. Still worried the living hell out of me though...

I learnt the hard way too - now I always type up as a document then paste to review page, like someone else said, has the advantage of spell checker too xxx

Must be a common thing to happen as I have had it happen too! I must admit I tend to write it in Word beforehand and save often so I don't lose any! When I have had to rewrite I always feel like the seond write up isn't as good as the first!

I leave my laptop "always on" with close lid, do nothing, but is always plugged in used like a desk top with external screen and keyboard most often my documents are still there when I wiggle the mouse if this helps.

I do all my reviews on my phone, but occasionally highlight text & copy, before continuing if it's going to be a long one (fnarr fnarr!)

Been there, done that. As others have said now copy and paste reviews from an office type application.

I've had that. A resounding 'Nooooooooooooo'

Have done the same thing as well, numerous times!!!