Review of the Month October -- Nominations please!

Hi - I got your email address from the Orgasm Army. I found it extremely intersting as it seems we both are addicted to orgasms.
I find many sex toys a bit boring (apart from My New Rabbit) My Favourite is an Old Pifco Mains powered Electric Vibrator with variable intensity and several interchangable heads. The main head attachment is a rubber suction one and I use it with baby oil on my nipples. - When using my Vibrator I always shower first and then lie on my bed with a fan heater blowing hot air all over my body - the Hot air has a great stimulating effect on my body - I always feel that a Hot Body is a sexy body and the hotter it gets the more horny I get) I spend ages just vibrating my nipples, moving the suction heads around my erect volcanos until they are erect and bright red in colour - I could spend hours doing this but would prefer my boyfriend to do it - I can orgasm like this without touching my Honeypot, then I will change the head on my vibrator to a harder attachment and use it on my eagerly awaiting hot vagina (I love that word, it's so much better than Pussy) I turn the Hot air on between my legs and just lap up the hot air whilst sliding the head of my vibrator up an down my slippery lips, gently touching my little hot clitty, by this time my heart is beating like a drum and my breathing is even faster. I can start to feel that georgous tingling feeling starting deep inside my tummy, as I move the vibrator onto my swollen clitty - I start trembling all over as the exquisite sensations start to tingle again into such an intense beautiful feeling that I totally lose control and can't help myself moaning louder and louder as the sensations become totally unbearable, by now my fingers are inside my vagina with one hand and the vibrator is pressing down with the other hand. I find it hard to stop myself from screaming as the Devastating Sensations overwhelm my whole body & I lose conciousness for a few moments with divine pleasure............. Then I do it all over again 3-4 times a night. .................
Let me know how you experience your orgasms & let me see if I can identify myself with you.
Don't disappoint me please.......................Ann