Scent of a woman

Hello there. New poster here.

I have a question about a kind of fetish I have and a sex forum seems the most apt place to talk about it.

Like most men I imagine I get turned on by a woman's scent. I do get particularly turned on sometimes by a woman I'm sexually attacted to positioned on all fours with her back arched into a nice curve, causing her bottom to plump out and split open.

I get quite aroused by running my nose through the cleavage and inhaling the dull greasy or rubbery odour of this area. I think it is a combination of the after-scent of her using the toilet, the musk of sweat, traces of oil from her skin and her own native smell, all blending together aided by the warmth of her body and being in such a closed area covered by panties.

I must say that I wouldn't do this right after she has used the bathroom, but rather a while later after she has dried out a bit first. Just to clarify, I'm not into piss or sh*t or farts or sniffing panties or any of that stuff at all. Not my scene. Neither is any sort of anal play, for that matter.

I am attracted to the natural scent of well maintained vaj too, but I get a bigger buzz from her rear scene.

I know it may not be something that is talked about openly. However most women I've been with have been happy to get on all fours and let me sample the fuzz back there. Pheremones??? Maybe.

Women, would you mind if a guy asked? Guys, have you sampled this aspect of a lady before?



No, not for me thank you

But welcome to the forums. Hi.

Hi and welcome :) If my husband found it a turn on then I wouldn't have a problem letting him do it.

Hello, welcome ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Nope, not for me I'm afraid. I'm not a fan of anal at all, so I'm not really keen on anyone getting too close to my butt.

I'd panic enough a guy having his face anywhere near my bum/groin even right after a shower, i'm off put from trying oral (on me) for the reason of what if i smell or taste weird, i don't think i could relax at all

welcome, i get rather paranoid abou tmy nether regions and i get abit sared that my fiance doesnt like the taste or smell howere he loves it i just dont think it nice for me lol

would only be going there after a shower

Ok. Thanks for replying. Appeciate it. Not everybody's cup of tea. ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Deffo not cuppa tea. If i catch my husband doing it id freak out and go for shower

If my hubby wanted to do that I'd have no problem - we both enjoy rimming and anything anal so I guess his nose is used to being down there anyway ! :)

I quite like the smell and taste of myself, especially when I'm aroused. Have no issues with anyone going down there when I'm shower fresh. Also love it on other ladies too and I'd happily pleasure a sweet smelling lady for ages.![](upload://aybhjky1mPlgqoACHVsxChgZRPM.gif)

Hmm...I wouldn't have a problem with my boyfriend doing it, but wouldn't want to kiss him or have my face near his afterwards without some sort of wash, so it might kill the mood!