Sex *before* aunt flo...

Since neither Mrs Ash or I keep a diary, the imminent arrival of dear old Auntie is always something that we aren't expecting. What we do notice (after the fact) is that I invariably get markedly hornier in the hours beforehand, almost as if my libido is tuning in on a hormonal (pheremonal?) level...

If this just us or does anyone see similar behaviour?



Odd you should mention that Ash, as I noticed yesterday that I was desperately horny, as you say, just a few hours before the start of my period. I will have to pay closer attention in future!

Yeah it's quite common. Either when you're ovulating during the middle of the cycle or just before your period. I'm usually hornier just before.

i get quite horny before but im even worse when im on

I'm hornier during ovulation and just before my period starts as well, for two months running we've been having sex when we discovered I was about to come on - makes me glad my first day of my cycle is light!

Im the same get constant tingles and seem turned on all the time about a week before AF arrives, then im horny till it finishes.

Ah! A small confusion... We've always noticed the change in libido in Mrs Ash during the visit, but why should I as the male party "know" that it's *about* to happen?

We're lucky that Mrs Ash has no obvious PMS symptoms, so without any clues I'm subconciously picking up on events to come... And this happens about 9 times out of 10 so it's more than just a coincidence!

Coz it happens every month??

well it seems quite logical as hormones are racing about at that time. just go with the flow (literally) and have fun hehe xx