Sex chair

Has any one shortened the seat straps on the deluxe sex position chair. OH is only 90kgs and the straps seem to have her to low. We have them as short as we can on the velcro joiners. The add claimed good for 200kgs. A girl of that weight would be on the floor.

I did just have a quick glance at reviews for this one, and the first review on the AU page mentions this too, and that having another set of straps that are shorter would be helpful.

I don’t personally have this, but was considering getting it until I read the reviews. There could possibly be an option to make another set of straps if someone’s crafty with that sort of stuff?

I’m on my second chair as you are correct the straps stretched and on my first chair they became too low and no longer practical

I cannot see any way to fix them unless you are able to get hold of new straps :lovehoney_heart:

@bert @batjamboree maybe worth popping something on Pander to me! … PRODUCTS ONLY?

We had exactly the same problem. I wrote that in my review.