Sex with taken women

Would anyone here sleep with someone who you know are in a relationship. I’ve recently come across a woman who is taken and has agreed to have sex , is it wrong?

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No I wouldn’t…

Yes it is.


Agree with @300

Why would you? How do you think it will end??

I am assuming that the lady in question is not one of your sister’s friends.


It’s wrong.

Will destroy relationships and tear families apart.

The truth always comes out.


No I wouldn’t and yes it’s wrong in my opinion.

If she’s not happy in her relationship then she should end it before sleeping with someone else or focus on trying to fix her relationship.


Need more details…

I wouldn’t do it and yes it’s wrong to go into a situation where you’re fully aware that the other person is already in a relationship.
In my opinion this type of thing rarely ends well.


Another ‘is it wrong?’ post, is this theme going to continue?


Don’t feed the troll and it’ll go away.


If this is in fact the case, As with your last topic…the fact that you are asking , says you already know the answer. If you don’t then put the shoe on the other foot.
I side with the majority. No I wouldn’t, yes it’s wrong.


Most people supported you on the sisters friends thing.
This is another level and for me is definitely wrong.
Do you mind if i ask your age ?? ( not being condescending)

I think your young, and if you were a car youd be a porsche or a ferrari… Lucky you, but there are speed limits and speed bumps everywhere. Be careful how you drive it.


Not the speed bumps you have to worry about at the moment, have you seen some of the pot holes about​:rofl:

If I was in a relationship with someone. Then I wouldn’t do it. I would either leave the current relationship or try and fix it.

But if I was single and found someone willing to do it. Then that’s a different story. As that person in the relationship shouldn’t want to. If they are willing to risk what they currently have. That says a lot about their current situation. If I didn’t know the other person they are with. And it wouldn’t impacted any other relationships I had. It’s a hard question to answer. The simple answer is no but sometimes you have to learn from your mistakes.

You have to really think about if it’s worth it for you. These things rarely end well and if you are looking for a relationship with this person and not just a one time thing. You will have to worry that if things arent going well. Then would they do the same to you and go find someone else whilst still with you?

Depends on the context I guess. Psychologically I guess it’s a big thrill doing something taboo and a massive ego boost seducing someone else’s partner but in the cold light of day sleeping with someone else behind a partner’s back is a pretty crappy thing to do with hurtful consequences.

If this type of scenario really appeals there is a more ethical approach and that’s to find a woman who’s part of a couple who practise a cuckold/hotwife lifestyle i.e she’s free to have another sexual partner outside her marriage with knowledge, consent and in some cases active encouragement of her partner. There’s plenty of topics on this in here as there’s quite a bit of interest in this lifestyle.


Not at all, I can’t do that to someone whether I know the person or not. I wouldn’t want it to happen to me, so I wouldn’t act in it if the situation presented


@HanoiRocks … Thats so much better than what is said. :rofl:

Hmmm strangely just replied to your other post, sensing a theme here…

To answer the direct question, theres a lot more context needed (are they in an open relationship, does he know, etc., etc.,).
If the general answer is a no to all that, and she’s genuinely being unfaithful, again, surely you have the answer you need? It all comes down to your values and morals, which I suspect are saying no - yet your cock is trying to say yes, and therefor trying to justify making the morally wrong decision through others feedback?

Put yourself in the other guys position. If this was your lady sleeping with another dude, how would that sit with you?

Both this and your last post are asking the same thing. Can you get away with just thinking with your dick and giving a shit about any consequences for others, or justifying the actions it sounds like you’ve decided you’re going through with anyway.

I dont need anymore information
Yes - it’s wrong
I definitely would not knowingly do it.


I have sex exclusively with taken women.

Taken woman.

My wife.

I exclusively sleep with my wife.

I don’t know if that helps at all.


Initially yes but it all depends their relationship ! So really the question needs more context to it rather than the 2 you posed