Sexy shot games to play

Ok so hubby wants to get drunk and mess around lol.
Any ideas?

rainbow shots for creativity? If you're feeling cruel, you could make him do Kim Jong Un Nuclear Bomb Shots.

How about playing strip poker and instead of always stripping, you could alternate between removing clothes and taking shots :) xx

I don't know how to play poker lol and I don't think I have any cards 😳

play an alphabet game.

Lose once = shot

lose twice in a row = remove item of clothing

lose three times in a row = perform a pleasurable act on partner for 30 seconds

You know that game where you watch a movie and take a shot every time a certain thing happens? Don't know the name of the game lol...but adapt it! Watch a fairly long porno/porn playlist and do shots when certain silly things happen. Ridiculous fake moan, 1 shot. Woman bites lip, 1 shot. Cum shot, 2 shots! Maybe not the best examples but you get the idea lol. Could even incorporate more out there rules, like taking a shot off a body part when certain things happen. Or have a row of random shots of different flavours, and when you get a certain flavour (select randomly) you also have to kiss, go down on the other for 30 secs, strip one item of clothing etc etc.

This thread sounds like so much fun!