Shower head!?

Anyone on here used the shower head to orgasm? I seen it in porn once and never got around to trying it. Is it worth trying... Does it actually work?

Hi cheekyface yes I use my shower head I have acpowershower and yes it does work It makes me com all the time

Can be just as good for guys too! The pitter-patter of warm water on my 'head' can feel great :P

Thank you @AWB1955 will definitely give it a try then! And really @BearJamin that's very interesting could make shower play more fun for both me & OH :)

Bearjamin wrote:

Can be just as good for guys too! The pitter-patter of warm water on my 'head' can feel great :P

Me too, Some of my best orgsams have been with the showerhead. I really love it on my balls.

Might have to give this a go later as I find it hard to get quite time in my house.

I'm the same @JustTeaseMe very rarely I'm home alone so can't be using noisy toys! The cover of a "shower" sounds appealing!

Yes definately do this and often, it is a very quick way for me to cum. The jet on my clit feels amazing and this also works on hot hub jets not just the shower head :-)

Would be good to have feed back on how everyone gets on

Hmmmmmmmmmm after reading this I’m going to give it a go

Never actually tried a shower head but I love one of the jets in the jacuzzi bath, basically the only time I’ve orgasmed hands free on my own. Plus the change in force works great

Wow! Yous will be getting me into some trouble next time I'm in a jacuzzi then 😜 Okay I'm trying this out today!! I will add my thoughts on this thread later

Sounds good cheekyface my have a shower myself lol

Enjoy AWB πŸ˜‰ I had my shower and JESUS!! One of the quickest orgasms of my life!! The pressure of the water on your clit is amazing!! Why the hell it take me this long to try that!! πŸ˜‚ Girls if you're thinking of trying this do NOT hesitate! DO IT!!

@CheekyFace .. Great isn’t it , I’ve done it loads . You will be having some fantastic showers from now on . Anyone not tried it yet , go for it you don’t know what your missing!! Hope those of you that try it really enjoy .

@NaughtyNett omg yes!! I don't think I will be having a shower without a little play now πŸ˜‚

Ha ha love this thread.... 😍

@JustTeaseMe I hope you managed to find some quiet time too! The shower head is a game changer πŸ˜… My early morning routine is about to get a whole lot better haha πŸ˜‚

Reading all this makes me feel so dirty, that I just have to go and have a steaming hot shower to wash away my dirty thoughts!

@MrsG. Yes go get them dirty thoughts gone! P.S enjoy 😜