Silicon lubes

My OH suffers badly with recurring uti’s and these are exaggerated by intercourse.
We use water based lube but I wonder if silicon lubes might be better for her/us instead.
Anyone with any comment on this please?

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It depends on the cause of the uti. If the water based lube is exacerbating it, then a silicone one may help as they are hypoallergenic. The problem with silicone lube though is that it doesn’t wash away as easy or absorb in like water based so it can hang around and hold on to bacteria.

Before jumping to silicone lubes, have you explored a variety of water-based lubes to eliminate ingredients that might be unhelpful? Glycerine and flavoring/sweetening ingredients especially are problematic.

Natural oils can also be more gentle than commercial lubes. We frequently use good old coconut oil, but I’ve also heard that olive oil can be more body friendly (coconut oil is naturally antimicrobial, so probably friendly to the urethra, but it can throw off natural vaginal good bacteria if used too much - or so I’ve heard - while olive oil does not have that problem).

Just things to consider before jumping to silicone - only because silicone lube makes toy inclusion more difficult.

And I’m just assuming your OH has good habits to otherwise reduce risk of UTI? Drinks lots of water, pees after sex, washes hands before masturbating? These are good habits for you to build most likely, too.

We are not big users of silicone toys. Ours tend to be more leather ( BDSM).
She has fantastic habits but I forgot to say she has a lowered immune system due to chemotherapy a few years ago. Her immune system has never recovered fully. She is on long term low dose antibiotics for uti’s and they work until we have intercourse. I make sure I’m extremely clean too.

Sliquid is great for sensitive skin.

Feminine wash is great for washing that area too

Yeah I’ve been told in the past that silicone lubes aren’t the best to use if you get reoccurring UTIs as could trigger them off… maybe look into a surgical type of lube that they use in medical professions?

Do you use condoms? If no, it may be worth a try. If yes, maybe look at some different brands to see if they change anything.

Otherwise, if she isn’t only really getting UTIs when you have penetrative sex and is having to be on constant antibiotics, maybe you need to find a different form of intimacy?

It might also be worth reaching out to a charity like Macmillan (if you are in the uk). They actually have a fair amount of resources around sex and cancer/chemo. They might be able to suggest something

Sorry if I’m bringing the stupid question, but have you ruled out all other possibilities, and are mitigating the risk?

  • is your OH drinking lots of water?
  • peeing soon after sex with you?
  • is she drinking cranberry/taking a supplement?

Any time my OH and I are going to fool around, even if I don’t shower, I always make sure I clean myself down there … a ‘dirty’ penis is not good!

My OH can battle UTI’s at times … she has Rheumatoid Arthritis, and some medications can raise the risk.

She got one recently after getting up in the middle of the night to pee … it was cold, and so she rushed and didn’t fully empty her bladder.

(Apologies again if I sound patronising … just checking)