Silicone toys - lube for longer wear

Hi there!

I own multiple amazing buttplugs, like the Doc Johnson classic medium, Doc Johnson Red Boy and the Colt Anal Training kit.
I love to wear them for several hours, as it really turns me on and preparatory me for what the night brings. But my issue is that I've been advices to use water-based lube with those silicon toys, which makes it impossible to keep the toy in for longer then 1 or 1,5 hour. I have to take it out and re-lube to keep things comfortable.

I would like some advice on how to go for a longer buttplug wear, without spending money on new toys.

It is recommended to remove the butt plug and lubricate every hour regardless of what lubricant you're using for safety reasons.

Unfortunately, only water based lubricant can and should be used with silicone toys.

Could you use a condom?
I haven't used condoms in years so dunno what lubes can and can't be used!
Other than that I'd suggest going for a really thick lube. The Tracey Cox dare lube I've used recently is really really thick and water based as is LH own discover lube.

You could do a patch test on your dildos to see if a silicone lube reacts to them. Since 100% silicone toys don't tend to react to silicone lubricant ie. Tantus toys ect. It is reccommended you do a patch test maybe on the base (somewhere it won't be going in the body) to see if it reacts to the toy at all.