Squirting stresses

Any clues on how I can control whether it's pee or the other stuff that comes out?

Past 2-3 times its been very obviously wee but now I know how to get it to happen I can't stop it but I can't control what comes out either.

Not many guys want to be weed on.. Thing is I didn't feel like I needed the loo and its happens when my gspot is stimulated enough via fingers or toys.

Any hints or tips? Didn't go to the loo beforehand because I didn't need to at all or so i thought but that time and the time or two before was definitely wee but oddly with a fair amount of white left on the toys but what came out was pure yellow and smelt 😞

I always go to the loo before hand if only to ensure it is not pee...

Relax and enjoy the amazing feeling of being in that intense moment, it reallly i worth it...

Oh definitely empty your bladder before hand weather you feel like you need to or not. I've read that a few times.
i didn't think it was possible for me but I'd mind blocked myself, depriving myself of squirting. Lol! I've been so desperate to squirt for years now it's finally happened (and happens 90% of the time now) and I'm scared of the same thing happening, I know my oh isn't into watersports and neither am I so would be mortified if it happened, sorry when it happens as I have zero control over it now, I squirt too easily. I can't imagine saying that a couple of months ago!
I'm sorry l have no useful advice as it's all new for me. I'm sure you'll get some tips from the lovely forum members who are more clued up than myself.
You should defiantly embrace it though, guys love a squirter and it's such a wonderful feeling. you're going to make a special guy who's worthy of you one happy chappy *♡*xx

Thanks guys and yeah I guess I'll have to go to the toilet score and whether I need to or not. I definitely enjoy it until that moment when it's happened and I realise it wasn't what I hoped

I'm not really sure how you'd control what happens. Perhaps don't bear down if you do so? I'm not sure, sorry.

But in terms of worrying about it happening with a guy, maybe just make sure you are super hydrated so that if you do pee, it's clear and odourless. Chances are they won't be familiar enough with squirting fluid to doubt you when you say that's what happened.

If you are super hydrated, pee before you try squirting, and see if that helps. There are lots of threads on here that can help with squirting.

When you said it pure pee and it smelt, it would suggest you are dehydrated. Ideally pee should be as clear as possible with a non offensive smell to it. How much water are you drinking throughout the day? I find the best squirts I have are when I've drank at least 2 litres that day and have emptied my bladder right before I attempt squirting.

I drink plenty at work not a lot any other time, yesterday I had one can of lilt and two mouthfuls of water so yeah was probably dehydrated. Thanks for the tips I can usually squirt normally but past few times have been very obviously pee unfortunately (funnily enough after a guy said squirting is just pissing the bed... It's like he jinxed me! Lol)

Tbh I think a lot of guys find this a turn on. We don't know if it's pee or care. Put a towel under and switch off if it happens it happens. In fact I'd love experience it.

TheTallCheekyGuy wrote:

Tbh I think a lot of guys find this a turn on. We don't know if it's pee or care. Put a towel under and switch off if it happens it happens. In fact I'd love experience it.

I don't care if its wee or not as long as my OH is having fun, as above just put a towel down, you could even go as far as "would you like me to pee/wee on you?"

Well it's reassuring for me to know guys like it ok not all guys but not everyone likes everything but I thought maybe it's freak guys out. So long as I lay on something dark and drink plenty and go the loo beforehand even if it's pee you probably won't be able to tell? Unless of course tasting it

Even the times its been pee it feels the same beforehand I get the slimy textured white or clear stuff that's also sticky it feels good when it's out but a little different if pee as its thinner

I really wouldn't bother for me I think it's a big turn on tbh. To see a women just let go like this is sexy and I think most men agree.

As far as i was aware squirting is always pee. The g-spot basically rests against the bladder wall and irritating it putting pressure on it eventually makes you wet yourself, hence why squirting doesn't usually come with an orgasm but separate..

I know this post won't be popular and many will argue squirting isn't pee, but i'm 100% convinced it is not just based on a study that used ultrasounds to scan squirters bladders but on my own observations.

The study had them urinate, scanned their bladder to show it was empty, had them masturbate til they felt they were about to orgasm( some only taking 15 minutes), scanned them again and found their bladders full, then after squirting, they scanned and found all their bladders empty.

This strongly suggests the kidneys become very active during sexual stimulation and the bladder fills much more quickly than usual. I have definitely noticed this myself, as someone on a restricted liquid diet and medication that slows urine production i urinate on a very predictable schedule of around 24 hours apart, but go in less than 8 hours after masturbation. It would also mean the urine is less filtered and more dilute, accounting for it being clearer with low odour. It would also account for how many squirters claim it can't be pee because they urinate before and can urinate after, but if the bladder fills so quickly with stimulation/arousal it would be possible to urinate before and again afterwards and can squirt multiple times.

I thought this had all been covered on another thread Kirsty, I swear I covered it!

Just what the guys have repeated, don't stop drinking, keep hydrated! that's important, but just go for a pee beforehand.

I thought it had but I was wondering on how to stop it if it can be stopped. It'd be a tad embarrassing weeing so strongly on someone.

I know to just relax and let go that's how I do it but it's the after oh no moment when you find out.

talk to him. my o/h squirts quite often,is a little embaressed sometimes but to be honest i dont mind. i know when she does it because she is usually on top in a 69 position. i generally tell her how many times thats how obvious it is. i really dont mind. shes clearly enjoying herself and getting the pleasure she wants. thats why im there. relax,he might not care the same as me.

Luckily I'm single it's just a future worry x

Kirsty92 wrote:

Luckily I'm single it's just a future worry x

...then stop stressing woman! Everything has been covered in other threads!

Lol thanks will need a bed cover or something or my bed will eventually start to smell no matter how I wash it

Honestly don't be worried, we don't care if it's wee or not as long as your enjoying yourself, it's a real turn on to see a woman squirt. I can't get enough ha ha