Storage advice please

Hi guys :-) my toy collection is growing rapidly and I'm running out of room in the bedside drawer lol.
I'm looking into new storage solutions and have found some chests that I really like. They are metal though and I'm just wondering if toys would be ok to store in them.
My plan is to have 1 for cuffs, blindfold etc and maybe lingerie and the other one I was gonna use for my toys. I was planning on putting each toy in a bag then into a cardboard box for each type of material glass, silicone, pvc etc (I'm super anal about keeping toys apart anyway)
I'm just wondering whether this would be enough as I'm worried the toys will react with the metal.
Does anyone else store their toys in metal.boxes and would my idea be enough to protect them.
I wanna have all my toys locked away from my kiddies but also look nice in my bedroom.