Hi :) I’m now the proud owner of several new toys and need some advice on storing them correctly. In bags? Not in bags? Silk? Plastic? Haven’t a clue so I need your advice peeps. I did buy the large storage case and wow what can I say? Toys travelled 5000 miles and back. Not even a spillage of lube which is more than I can say for my toiletry bag!!!

What storage case did you buy? I travel to America often and I always worry about spillages and damage.

I've heard silk is the best and that's what I'm getting for my toy. Not certain it's the best one out there though.

I keep mine in a plastic tool box, lined with kitchen roll in individual sandwich bags to stop the different materials mixing and damaging themselves, I always wash my toys before and after use and I haven't had any problems.

I generally keep mine in the boxes they came in haha! It doesn't matter too much so long as they're kept individually, especially with silicone toys - if you keep two silicone toys touching each other then they will go bad!

I keep them in in their own individual bags made from either silk or plastic (like sandwich bags). Then I put them in all in big toiletry bags and hide them away in my drawer. Haven't had any issues with storage as of yet other than I need more bags because I keep buying more toys, haha.

I should just buy a chest at this point...

Omg I love the idea of a sex toy treasure chest!

Be careful with toys made from soft silicone. They can stick to each other if left touching for a while.

We store ours in polythene bags to separate them.

I just put all ours in a storage box under the bed, haven't had any issues over the last few years.

Hey Spank Me! I went to the Middle East and was a bit nervous of taking the toys in case of x-ray or something but it was totally fine. Had them all packed into what is really the tardis of travel toy storage. You can find it here and I totally recommend it for travel. I even had a glass dildo in there. There was no way it was getting broken. Thanks everyone else. I was afraid to keep the other toys in plastic bags in case it damaged the silicone long term. I think I might invest in some lil silk bags tho. Have a Tracy cox g spot vibe that has its own velvet bag. Looks great and makes it feel kinda special.

We have a few of the love honey storage bags - some toys come with them but they are often on offer and only a couple of £1 we have a large trunk that they all go into

My OHs parents bought me a large Ted Baker toiletry set for christmas last year which came in a really nice pink and rose gold box. I put my most used sex toys in there and it sits on the desk next to the bed. The rest are in a drawer here or in some plastic storage boxes at my mums (with a room full of stuff that I don't have space for here!)

I keep mine in the LH silk bags, but because I buy the bigger bags, I also keep all my smaller toys in a trainer sock or something similar to prevent them from touching. 😊