Suddenly squirting

I know there are tonnes of threads on squirting but I couldn't find one that matched so here goes.....

Until recently I had never squirted, it happened as a one off a couple of months ago and despite trying to replicate how it had happened I hadn't been able to do it again so wrote it off as a fluke.

However last week I managed to do it again and was so turned on/horny about it, I managed to squirt a few times in quick succession.

I thought this might be due to my cycle as both occasions were at similar times of the month but every time I've mastrubated since last week I've gushed everywhere. I'm just not sure how I can go from never doing it to suddenly doing it all the time?!

I know that's not really a question but I wondered if anyone else had had a similar experience? Or wanted to share their own experiences?

It could be muscle memory. Either your pelvic floor has leasrnt to clench a certain way or the way you flex your hand has changed and learnt a method that stimulates the area more effective. Or your kegels could be stronger as it's easier to squirt then. Or maybe a particluar toy you've been using just does the trick?

yeah so I can orgasm and not squirt. I can also have strong orgasms and feel the NEED to squirt. Like I physically need to rid the 'squirt' out of me and ejaculate. A bit like a man ?

So yeah it varies for me too. I can relate with you on the cycle thing, when I am ovulating I am extra horny and squirt a lot more. Looking forward to my next ovulation tbh! :p

My new partner has learned how to make me squirt now and has done so with both his hands and my rabbits and it's more likely to happen when I'm ovulating too!

I used to squirt before the kids with my ex but it's been years since it had happened so I was quite surprised too! Everything changed after the kids and the manual of how to turn me on was completely rewritten!

Maybe ladies, I'm really not sure! I'm definitely enjoying it a lot but so confused by it! Oh well can only hope it continues 😍

I first squirted about 10 years ago completely took my husband and me by complete surprise (especially as I got him in the eye)!!!

Anyway exactly like you I had no idea how/why it suddenly happened but it sometimes did and sometimes didn't so a lot of playing together and alone I finally worked out it was if I had a clitoral orgasm I squirted and a g spot one I didn't.

Hope that helps just enjoy them my husband loves it when I soak everywhere and love the fact you can have 2 completely different types of orgasm.

I would love to squirt over my OH and i k ow he would love it too, although we have very satisfying sex and he makes me cum alot i can never squirt during sex i dont know how to!? Maybe i shouldn't cum as many times when we have sex? Maybe that would help? Any advice? I have squirted once before but that was by myself and ive not done it since and i have no idea how it happended!

It was only around 2 weeks ago I squirted for the first time. I have had several orgasms but this was something else! It only happens when using a g-spot vibrator and I am completely relaxed. I don't know who enjoys it more, me or my husband!

What seems to work for me is to have a clitoral orgasm then use a curved toy quite vigorously against my gspot and as it swells and I get close I kinda push down on the toy. I can feel the texture of my arousal change ( sorry if too much info) it gets much more slippery and then I squirt. It's literally happening nearly every time I use a toy internally now.

I've only managed it once during sex, I think his penis goes too deep and misses my gspot most of the time, so it was a complete shock and totally awesome for us both 😍

Squirting is so hot.. haven't been with a squirter for a while now :-(

i love being a squirter but it does have its issues, like making sure i have a spare sheet and mattress protector for the bed, i squirted so much once i needed to dry the bed with a hairdryer.

as others have mentioned different parts of yuor cycle can alter how easily you squirt or how needy you are in needing too.

i find i cant squirt productivly during my period and although we still have sex (i use a mentrual cup) i cannot squirt then as soon as my period is done, im in a frenzy as all the moisture has built up and i need to desperately expell it = loads of very squirty orgasms in a flurry. not always a nice experience though.

To me it helps when I am very very very horny before I even touch myself, drank a tonne of water and had a wee just before jumping into bed.

I find I do squirt just when using a toy as my OH misses my Gspot. Or works a treat when he uses his fingers hard, and just as I know I'm about to cum I push down HARD (as if I'm squeezing every last drop of wee out). Usually works, but not always!