Suggestions for role play

Can anyone suggest an new role play for my wife and I. Given the opportunity my wife is very bi, we both like her to dress up in sexy undies and a lately a real nurses uniform. Recently my wife has started to love a bit of a spanking. Any suggestions for a role play including the above and anything else you think could work well? Oh yes, she will only go with women on her own so 3 somes are a no go.

Hi there, here are a couple of previous threads that may be useful :

You may also be interested in this book that sounds very good too :) x

the classical naughty schoolgirl should be something she'd appreciate. You, or a female partner, could be the headmaster having to punish her.

Thank both for your suggestions. Taking ideas from both OH got into her nurses outfit and confessed getting very intimate with a female patent. After her confession I made her wear her collar, lead and wrist ankle restraints then give get a good spanking which really turned her on. Lots of fun followed. Thank goodness she is not a nurse because the women on her ward would not be safe :-)

Ha! I expect it would kill the fantasy actually! Not much sexy about real life nursing by all accounts! :-)

Agree with that. My parents have just been in hospital so I've just seen what the nurses have to deal with, certainly not glamorous. I do like the look of some of the uniforms though and so does OH. :-)