I was just wondering what’s everyone’s thoughts on swinging and if you have ever been to a club like La Chambre.

My and my partner have been talking about it a lot just lately so trying to do some research lol

I've never been to a club, but we have had threesomes and I will say unless you are 100% comfortable and confident in your relationship it can cause some problems. Discuss your limits before going and maybe just attend one night and watch others and have a chat with other couples there so you can get a feel of if its something you would want to try yourself.

You may get some similar replies to the post previously made regarding this too:


It is a hot topic in the forum, that is for sure 

Lol it was me who posted that back in sept I forgot I had. Me and my partner split up for a few months but we are back together and stronger than ever so we are talking about going again

We are in the same boat as you. We have spoken about it for a LONG time and would love to go to one. I suppose it's just having the balls to do it. Now my partner has a new job it's a bit risky with him being caught. I wouldn't be Be about to swap or share though

I’m worried about getting caught and gossiped about.

We said to start we would just like to make out with each other with others in the room making out

You won’t know if you are going to like it or not until you try it. If either (or both) of you is uncomfortable, then you can just leave with no harm done, especially if you decide to only spectate/play with each other. I would advise agreeing in advance what you are both happy doing (eg are you happy to be naked in a hot tub, are you happy to touch each other while watching, etc) and stick to those rules (regardless of how horny you get).

If you like it, you can always go again. If you don’t, well you can cross it off the bucket list.

As for getting caught, you are only really going to be seen by people at the event so they will be in the same boat as you. If you are really worried, check out the website for the venue location. Some venues are way out of town, so you shouldn’t get spotted entering the building.

Yes, we started swinging together by visiting La Chambre, our first swinger club. We loved it so much we went every month for over 2 years, then moved onto home meets but we still go occasionally. We started by having sex together among others doing the same, then moved on to soft-swinging before going 'all the way' a few visits later. Chamelons at Darlaston is our favourite club.

If you do see somebody you know, and we never have in 13+ years of clubbing, then they'd probably be as embarrassed as you and wouldn't want to broadcast it! You could even end up playing together!

We've talked but have no confidence to do it and probably never will do

I like le chambre. You can go and just be there and take it in without having to do anything. I know my workplace would probably frown o it but at the end of the day it's legal and clubs are a safe responsible way to explore. It's no one else's business. We learn in this country to be more tolerant.