Sorry if this an old topic but I find this site quite hard to follow sometimes.

Anyway, Me and Mr S quite fancy the idea of 'swinging' - up to a certain extent. As in more about just having sex with each other (definitely NO other outside involvement) but in the same place as others.

Is that 'swinging'?

Truly, that could be loosely described as soft swinging although that does usually involve swapping for most things stopping at intercourse. If you are to look on the many sites you should probably look for couples into (SRF) same room fun, but even then you would need to be specific as to what your rules are.

We can't stress enough that you and Mr.S are absolutely clear with each other where you draw the line, and make that crystal to anyone you contact.

A word on contact sites. They are absolutely full of time wasters, weirdos, liars and very screwed up people. Be careful, and take care what information you give out. If you go on as a couple you very often get hit on by single males trying to engage you in cybersex whilst posing as a couple. You can call their bluff by asking them to both appear on cam on MSN. When a guy appears and says his wife is in the bath or something just tell him to piss off!

There are parties you can attend where you can do your own thing and just be watched, or just watch others, but expect to be asked to participate in some way. Google "radlett parties" to give you a flavour of the scene.

Either that, or do it in a room full of mirrors, it'll look like you're at an orgy LOL!

Hope that helps. The Naughties.

Thanks. I've had a look around and I think to be honest we quite like the idea of it but would bottle out if it came to the nitty gritty. Methinks it will be one kept firmly in the fantasy closet.

Here's an idea. You invite 3 or 4 like minded couples round for dinner. Lovely dinner, lots of wine, then at the end of the meal a few games. Could be as simple as strip poker, or could be two teams playing pass the orange under the chin, or pass the key, where a key on a string is passed up the inside of the clothing of the person next to you then they pass it down the inside of the next. The winning team is the one to produce the key at the end of the line with the string threaded through everyone's clothes.

Then move to the lounge. Each couple have 30 mins to put on a display for the others, who secretly give points. At the end the couple with the most points wins whatever money you have all decided to put in the kitty.

That way you can watch and be watched without the danger of going too far, and maybe winning some money into the bargain.

Just an idea really, Truly.

Thanks. I shall advertise for like minded couples in the next Parish Council newsletter ;)

We find a lot of contacts through the classified pages of "War Cry", subsection: dirtbags!

I'm very interested to see this thread. My FB and I are considering it (I know!!!How much more of my life can change in 12 months??)and we've been looking at the idea of clubs etc. I'd be interested to hear folks views on going to clubs for the first time? There's one I've been looking at on-line that has a forum page associated with it and they seem to be a nice bunch of people (Liberty Elite).

I reckon I'm game for it (and so is he)and Mr Mercuria is ok with the idea and thinks he may gravitate towards it eventually so it could turn into one massive orgy of our tenuously connected friends (hey, what's not to like with that idea??). But what's it REALLY like going to a swingers club?

Keen to hear your views...

Also is it true about the pampas grass? My neighbours have pampas grass in their front lawn but they're about 83! and as it takes him about an hour to get out of his car I don't fancy my chances on a 'swinging' time at theirs ;)

Eh... what is it that they say about pampas grass?

Ive heard that having pampas grass on your front lawn is a sign that you're a swinger a bit like those people who have fish on their car are all happy clappies.

We've got dog turd on our lawn - does that mean we're doggers?? Ahhhhhgggg!

Is it a white dog turd Mr and Mrs Naughty????????????????

D' you know, you never see white dog turds any more do you? When we were kids there was white dog turd all over the place - now, non. So, to answer your question TB, no it isn't. If it had been we might have preserved it as a sort of curio, to be brought out on display on high days, like when the vicar comes for tea.

Errm, anyway, why do you ask? (they say, immediately stepping into his trap)

Correctly identified Mr and Mrs N,

Was going to bang on about maybe you not being the world's greatest horticulturalists, and having missed aforementioned doggie turd for now let's think 20-30 years maybe!!! too busy engaging in acts of Naughtiness l was thinking.

Reckon the white ones were down to bone extract content, l used to wonder if white dts came from white dogs, simple mind you see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny thing though the things you tend not too see Mr and Mrs N - Omo washing up powder, Rag and Bone mens goldfish, Mummers!!!!!, and that old classic Ayds- slimmers biscuits.

I crave your indulgence your Naughtinesses tis but early in the day!!