teenage crush

who was your first teenage crush ( pop star or film star ) mines claire grogan and shes still sexy

Roger Moore as James Bond.

David Essex, not sure that I'd fancy him now though!

kim wilde was another (showing my age here }

Danny Minogue, Nope, Not Her older sister.

but if I had to choose now, lid take Kylie in a heartbeat!!!

id still choose danni

Hmmm. First teen crush.... Jean Claude van dam in his early... Fit.. Muscley self.... With leg muscles that could crack walnuts at 10 paces๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰
Shame he is all old and craggy now..

Susanna Hoffs from the bangles. She is actually better looking now. Smoking hot.

Samantha Fox

Leonardo Dicaprio - Oh my goodness he totally stole my heart when I watched Romeo & Juliet. He was so beautiful it made me want to cry, lol. I watched The Great Gatsby on Monday and may have fallen in love with him all over again :) I think he's poken for though so I'm heading for heartbreak :(

And first female was Melanie C (sport spice) - my room was plastered in pictures of her, I think she could easily have been my specialist subject on mastermind, lol. Still to this day I think she's lovely.

Embarrassingly it was Linsey Dawn Mckenzie, used to think she was stunning! she's looks a right mess now!

David Hasslehoff in Knight Rider then Baywatch - I had a mega crush - lol

I think mine was Julia Roberts

Scorpius, I think David hasslehoff was my first man crush. I wanted to be michael knight sooooo much. I would have killed to have had an extremely camp super car.

Guy was Johnny Depp... girl crush Julia Roberts

Suzi Perry is mmmmmmmmm

danny from mcfly

Cat women who wouldn't in all that pvc

flava from blazin squad, i went to there concerts, festivals and even climbed over a fence to see them in virgin mega stores ![](upload://jokG3WtlbVccWAgGjeuPxY6tITM.gif) fortunatley my taste in men have changed and i haven't since climbed over a fence to pursue a man lol.

The one i really remeber was the American singer called Kaci (Now Kaci Battaglia) , I saw her on music channels and various TV shows back in early 00's. Good thing was she happened to be around the same age as me give or take a year.

She's not too bad these days from what i've seen of her but tbh last thing i remember was she had some song out with Ludacris several years ago.