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OHHHH whaoooo i need to test this :slight_smile:

Voted, would love to test this and give a review


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Wowza! Would be very very happy to test this one out :eyes:

:heart_eyes: WOW would absolutely love to review this masturbator.

These are our favourite toys to roadtest. Your to good to us.
My partner and i would love to test and review this please for a honest and detailed review. Thankyou for the chance :drooling_face::drooling_face:

Happy to give you an honest and upfront review Brenna.

Hi Brianna I have spoken to my ex who I’m still intimate with and he would love to try this Tenga vibrating masturbator and I will write a review based on some questions I’ll ask him about the toy and anything else he has to say about it. Thank you.

PS the address I get my toys sent to is his address so that’s perfect.

Would love to test this out and see how it compares

Yes please, we would love to test and review this!

Yes please!

Dang it my ol man is out of town for 2 months . :unamused:

This is definitely my kind of toy! I would love to spend some time (a lot of time!) testing this for you.

Would love to try it,looks awesome.

Looks great. Updated the list.

Husband would be happy to try and review :blush::sunny: ! Thanks for the opportunity !

Would love to test this!

I love how it’s black and doesn’t stand out so you could tuck it away and no one would know what it is my husband is very interested in trying out this beauty and to see how good it is :wink:

Hello Brenna, I’m brand new to the testing scene but would love to give it a go. I have zero experience with reviews and I currently don’t have any of your products, however I am a very open and honest person and I think that this could be a fun and informative adventure for everyone if you give me a chance! Thanks!

Would love to try this out on the hubby