The best time(s) to do the dirty?

It’s been really difficult recently with covid-19 and both working shifts and having a young family with zero support network - and we’re sometimes struggling to “make time” for sex.
Admittedly we don’t do it as often as perhaps we used to when we had no one to sort out but ourselves, but some months its less than before we used to live together!
OH has had health issues which we’ve worked around and I’ve had a few ailments which always seem to clash or come at different times so the lovin’ gets pushed back a week or so to when we’re both up for it.
When we do get chance it is pretty damn good! I’m an evening person after a shower, a chill and some cuddles but he’s usually starting to get knackered by then. For him its day time or morning (handy when you’re both off shift but otherwise awkward).

We don’t get chance to go away much - although did manage it last month in a hot tub and a cottage overnight :smiley: or have time where work isn’t on the horizon or family is getting “in the way” so to speak.

Any tips or advice on time of day or just slipping into it? I know he’d be all over me like a rash every night if we didn’t have “domestic stuff” but it isn’t that simple to put it all on the back burner and jump eachother’s bones!


I can relate to this in a way as me and the wife works shifts but don’t have a family as yet. It’s really trying to find the time to just enjoy yourselves.
Perhaps in the evening when you are in the mood put some nice lingerie on and some candles.
I would say we normally do it if an evening. What about a few nights away and someone looks after the kids? Is that possible?

When the opportunity presents itself! Used to be late at night and early mornings, now more likely early evenings. As you know yourself, just a question of making time for each other.


Living with parents its either early in a morning when mum has dropped dad off at work of she’s gone shopping for a hour or 2 or we wait until late at night to guarantee they are asleep first.


That brings back some memories waiting until super late until everyone is asleep :joy::joy:


@KentCouple1990 it does take fun out of it but its that are get none LOL


100%, gotta get it when you can haha

Love nothing more than mid afternoon sex especially with the house to ourselves so it can be hot and sometimes kinky but always loud

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Any chance of both booking a day off and just taking it as it comes? The more you fixate on something the worse the situation appears to be.

It doesn’t need to be the whole event, it could be a quickie, achieved through wearing the right clothing. It could be teasing over clothing. It could just be being intimate through simple cuddling.

Just make what time you have count.


Kids and work are definitely an issue :joy:

For us it’s about making the most of any opportunities we get and not getting to worried if the opportunity doesn’t arise.

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I work away so only home weekends, usually ends up being in the morning quickie or just after putting kids bed before she gets to tired herself! Only when away or kid free do we get decent sessions in

@Devondude if your kids are like ours they seem to have a second sense when we want some playtime because they always seem to need something from one of us

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@carzy yeah they’ve burst in a few times at night, and many times while doing it in the morning but thats much easier to hide :rofl::rofl:

Girl! You need to put the babies to bed and get it in!!! Nighttime is for sure the best time. It’s a time where you can let go of all the grown-up shit for awhile and be or do whatever your heart desires.

If you find yourselves out and about, just the two of you. Nothing is hotter than getting it on when there’s a chance someone might see.

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At almost 70 years old we are usually too tired by bedtime to really get into it so we have our sessions in the mornings. We care for our grandchildren 3 or 4 days every week so that limits our opportunities but we make sure that we use every chance that we get so typically we have extended morning sex sessions 3 or 4 times a week and there is never any question as to whether we feel like it or not. If we get the chance we always have sex.

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I always seem to get down and dirty late evening going into the early morning. Normally turns into a session and before I realise a good few hours have gone past.

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She prefers to wake up early and get a quickie in the morning.

I prefer the evening, as that’s when you can go all out with lingerie, roleplay, toys a bit of Prosecco etc. Also the sleep after a real satisfying session is the best.