the wand again , but a slightly different angle

My better half and I have the old 2 speed american hitchi wand

It has more power than you can shake a stick at , I think its brillaint , and I dont think my better half is complaining either , but as with all things there is a down side ! or two in this case

First of the length of cable being mains its a pain in the arse its so short even with an extension lead its a pain if its pulled at all it comes unplugged or you have to have the extention tied to the bed and you can still manage to pull the plug out in the height of passion .


The noise ! for gods sake its sounds like a tractor starting up !

We live in a terrece house with paper thin walls and concete beams running through !

I think people for about five houses in each direction can hear this thing its bad enough when you drop a normal vibe on the floor it can wake the kids but this dropped on the floor would shake the tiles off the house !

So my questions are two fold

Firstly I have looked at the reviews for other makes of wand but I am struggling which is the most powerful rechargable wand !

Secondly and more importantly which is the quietest !

Sadly I already know these two things arent going to go hand in hand more power and less noise just isnt going to happen

Thanks in advance

I read somewhere if you wrap your wand up in bubble wrap or polyurethane foam it "silences" yout sex toy.

somegirlinthisworld wrote:

I read somewhere if you wrap your wand up in bubble wrap or polyurethane foam it "silences" yout sex toy.

surely that would dull the hell outta the sensation though as well ?

We have the LH wand (mains powered) , the cable on it is pretty good and as I said in my review of the product; the only noise problems you will have with it is when the female on the receiving end has a very noisy orgasm.

We went for mains powered over rechargable as I felt the extra power and reliability outweighed the dangling cable. The wheel to adjust the power is a great feature too

Hi snapper!

Firstly, sooo jealous that you have a Hitachi wand, but are you are spot on when you say that they are also the loudest wands ever!

I would recommend this wand for the quietest vibrations: or its larger sister:

They are a right dent in the wallet but soooo quiet and lovely, I bought a member of my family one for deep tissue massages and they say it works wonders! He has a muscle condition and it helps ease his pain, as well as being quiet and beautiful too!

Good luck on your search!

I just dont think its possible to have a quiet wand! If you think about it... to create such poweful dull vibrations, the motors gunna be pretty hefty. Nobody can even manage making a bullet silent, never mind a massive vibrating beast