Things to do in London

Hi all

At the final of the year we will go to London. I would like say me what we can see abut sex, like sexshop stores, shows, libraries, museums, worthwhile things. I know that London is the capital of this.

Opinions please

Have you tried Trip Advisor for none sex related stuff?

Has plenty of links, reviews etc!

for none sexul stuff

the museum's are pretty cool and the best thing is there FREE (which is a rare thing to find in london).

london zoo is also pretty cool but pricy (i got chased by some massive bird last time i went :-|)

the o2 is always worth a vist, has some really nice places to eat and last time i was there theu had the rolla disco and if your going to go to the o2 it be cool to go have a look around greenwhich and vist greenwich park.

errr cant really think of anything eles, to be honest we dont go out much into central london as its just so over priced.

hope you have a good trip though and find and do all the things your looking for


Soho (apart from individual shops elsewhere) is the best general area for sex related stuff ie shops. However dont get drawn into the doorways with promises of sex shows etc - you WILL get ripped off!!

If you want to go to a strip club i can recommend Secrets or Spearmint/Rhino, for a cheaper thrill try Metropolis or Browns.

Would be very helpful to know your budget for fun stuff as i can reccomend many good restaurants and bars - but some may be well overpriced for what you want.. oh the joys of corproate credit cards.

There are plenty of swinging clubs/events around in London but this would need some organisation/research on your part if you wanted to do same.

Noted Soho and Camden.

I imagine there will be shops about boots and pvc-leather-vinyl clothes (we love this fetish), anyone specially?

yeh you want to check out Soho thats the place to go for sexshops

I'm not sure if you're interested in any fetish events or not (you mentioned you have a fetish for PVC clothes but I don't know if you're interested in "the scene" or not) but there is a website called London Fetish Scene that has a calendar full of club nights, munches, markets and more based in London that you can visit.

That's a link to the site. The Calendar link is on the top right.

thank you to all posters.

Now I have information about what I can do

Again thanks