Thongs on the beach

Men wearing a thong on the beach. Definitely not, don’t want to see that or yes why not, that’s hot. What’s your views?

Interesting given I’m a male who wears thongs at the beach and have done so since the late 80’s. Oddly I was never bothered or worried wearing them as I just them as another style of beachwear.

I love the tan lines and how they shape the body.

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Im my opinion it depends on what kind of beach you are at . Over 40 years ago when I was a body builder I would wear a swimsuit similar to the classic speedo , but smaller . To be fair I was a hard body young man . If the beach in question is a family beach I would tone it down from a thong . A tropical beach it would not be too much out of ordinary . Northern latitudes probably not likely to be common . Also if a fellow is in good shape it may be OK , but if slightly heavy and up probably not that ideal . I used to love tan lines , but now have switched to tanning pouches . My avatar .
My non tan line apparel .

Not for me. My husband has worn thongs as underwear for ages now and I really like them but just not for the beach. He doesn’t go around telling people he wears thongs so I don’t think he would wear one on the beach!

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I wouldn’t wear a thong on the beach but i would go to a nude beach and wear nothing. I just dont think thongs look good on me so i wouldnt wear one myself.

It depends.

If it was a beach with children welcome , then no thankyou.

If its an adult beach, i still dont want to see it but let them be.

Hi all

I wear thongs a lot as underwear. Also as swimwear around pool if no kids. I work out a lot and love the fact my bulge and ass are visible to everyone. Just love to show off. Its thecsame as females wearing thongs skme look amazkngnothers not so. But everybody shouldvwear what they like. Its a pity more guys dont wead thongs in mh opinion

I enjoy wearing thongs but, I think it would have to be a pretty secluded beach to try them. A little to shy for that I guess. I have some swim thongs and bikinis, but I have only worn them under my boardshorts .

Its a no from me… much prefer to wear nothing at all … i just dont think the male form lends its self to the thong the way the female shape does.

I’ve worn a thong to the beach once and had a great time, but I made sure to find a nice quiet beach far from home to not run into people I know :slight_smile:

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Totally agree. What I wear, or don’t wear, in Costa del Sol varies greatly from what I wear at the beaches here in Ottawa, Canada. Thongs on the ladies in Fort Lauderdale, US is common place. I can guarantee that 95% of the guys in Speedos are from Quebec, Canada which tends to be more liberal than the rest of the country.

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It’s something I would like to try…but only on a secluded beach, probably in the canary islands.