Tips for reducing bruises

Having a weekend away with the BF for the late May bank holiday and from past experiences with him, I know that I'm going to be coming home with a few marks on my neck. Normally I wouldn't mind having them but my work uniform rarely covers them and I don't want to have that awkward conversation or friendly joking around from my work colleagues.

If anyone has any tips or tricks to do the cover them or reduce the size/colour I'd be very grateful <3

I’ve used witch hazel and tiger balm in the past for impact bruises when I did martial arts. I think they helped.

If your really concerned about the marks it might be best to talk with your BF and ask him to be a bit more carful this time.

Failing everything you might have to resort to makeup.

Thanks for the suggestion quell! I'll bear it in mind

I find arnica works quite well

Guy14357 wrote:

I find arnica works quite well


Aloe vera can help reduce bruising too.

Would him possibly wearing gloves cushion the pressure a little bit possibly so it doesn't bruise as badly? Unless you mean love bites, in which case, just don't hold on for so long? I know these are more prevention rather than cure, but if they don't bruise as badly they'll fade quicker.

i don't suppose you can really use that sports strapping tape on your neck so thats probably out.

Arnica will reduce the bruises but it's not an immediate fix.

Arnica +1 here but I would suggest if your concerned he makes the marks elsewhere. If you get bruising or marks from spanking etc then you should always lightly tap the skin to bring some blood up before going all in! This is a basic step that most dominants will use to reduce bruising and prepare the skin, another option would be to double up a towel over the skin before spanking to reduce impact bruising.