yeh joined this site/ forum i think its gr8 but/ ???? the main reason i joined was 2 get me hands on the free stuff that was advertised??????? still waiting??? heard nothing. how do you get your free stuff {lube condoms etc} i was promised??????????

write reviews... but make em good, post stuff in the forums... ....you cant expect to just get free stuff all the time.. :S..
I didnt get free stuff the first day I joined... I wrote a couple of reviews and stuff first..

Cuckoo, you've made the first right step by joining the site! We frequently send review products to the members that have written the most reviewed and who have contributed the most to the discussion forums to answer other members' questions.

So the best way to start is by writing reviews of the products you already own and by joining the fun on the message boards.

ok ok nothing in this life 4 free??? ive got stories 2 tell but gettin on the pc sometimes is awkward its my sons pc

me and my girlfriend {who is now my wife /soulmate best friend} back in the 80's came back from clubbing both of us gagging 4 it so we decided 2 go into the local public toilets she hitched up her mini skirt and sat on the front of the hand basin pulled her skimpy nickers 2 1 side then i entered her wet gaggig pussy. it was all going so well 4 about 15 to 20 minutes then the sink came away from the wall. WATER started gushing every were. we legged it. the following week in the local paper one of the headlines Vandals target local toilets?

I loved LoveHoney's latest survey it has left me with the mental image of DP with my partner and George Clooney.

That's a fantasy that will run and run.

The survey is short but sweet - I'd recommend it to anyone.

Is that you with a strap-on and George on the receiving end?

no we did'nt but wished we had? mind u it still gets a giggle and a laugh wen we remenice.a bit like the time we were at it like a pair o rabbits out in the countryside /in the surrounding area's the local canal the riverand also about 5 fishing pools we kept on getting bit by insects / did'nt let it bother us 2 much { lost in love banging away thrashing our brains out} i supose ur thinkin we got caught ??? NO NO NO. just bit 2 fcuk anyway the bite's were realy bad big lumps all over both of us and constant itchin so we both had 2 c a doctor on the monday following our ectic weekend o lovemaking/ he took a look asked a few question's and said HORSEFLY bites the embarresing part was wen he asked HOW and WERE did u get them?????? we replied fishing little did we know he was a keen fisherman / he said didnt u no that it's not fishing season the fish r breading this time o the year EMBARRASED OR WAT ????? i think it would ave bin less embarrasing if we'ad bin caught on the job?????????

an ode 4 the day {it's not the quantity but the quality}????

its not all about the free stuff, just enjoy the site, and its helpfull tips and amusing jokes