Toy box

As a man, I don't have many toys. Certainly not as many as i want. However, I do have a box i store them in, along with all the accessories. Recently, though I had to put everything into storage for over a fortnight. And in all that time I didn't masturbate once. Yestderday though was my day off, and I was definitely feeling horny. So, I went in search of my toy box. As I did, I felt such a wave of excitement. The same type of feeling you get when opening christmas presents Feeling excited to finally be opening the box, and of all the joy and fun I had to look forward to.

Has anyone else experienced this? OR do you regularly feel liike this when you know your going to take the time to enjoy yourself?

I store the vast majority of my goodies in a big wooden chest at the end of the bed, and pretty much any time I open it and look through it, I get a big happy grin on my face (who wouldn't, it's a huge chest full of pleasure devices! Haha). It's, like, all the possibilities for fun just at my fingertips -- kid in a candystore feeling. I'm sure I spend too much time just rearranging stuff in there sometimes.
Also, anytime I've bought a new toy (or five...), receiving the box and opening it up, it's so like x-mas morning as a kid. I just received a nice box of stuff today, and I keep looking over at my new things and getting a warm, happy feeling.

I get the nice feeling when you sort of take yourself on a little date, too (like, warm bath with candles, pamper session, roll into bed with your most luxurious toys...yum).

I have a really nice box I keep my things in and sometimes I really love to just pick through it and touch everything. Rearranging things is another fun thing for me.

I haven't been using my toys at all recently. I haven't been in the mood for a month or so now. Playing with them non-sexually is good enough for me at the moment. Especially the squishy or hard, glossy ones. ^^

I keep mine in the two drawers under my bed (very easy access), but I have been wondering about where my OH can keep his as it would seem a bit extreme to keep the toys I've bought him for this Christmas in a whole drawer so I'd love to buy him a box to keep them in!

I have come without touching myself when taken delivery from LH before through excitement.