Toy Box

Ok i have just got The Toy Chest Lockable Case Large, but have no idea how to work the lock. Help please

LoveHoney - Hella Rouge wrote:

Hi Doug!

You need to push the large, silver button toward the numbers and then move the dials around to your desired combination and then release the big silver button :)

The default code will be 000


Bless you! Hope you've worked it all out? I was looking at that too but need to save pennies! Whats it like? What have you managed to fit in it Doug? x MC x

i'll write a full review for it. Trouble was i've never had to use a lock like that (thought you pushed the buttons, not slide them ) ah well, all sorted now

Yeah i know what you mean, and then you feel silly because its seemingly so easy! Ok i'll look out for your review! x MC x

I was gonna buy this. But I decided to just use the draw at the bottom of my wardrobe as I think I have too many toys to fit in there and it would stop me buying more toys if I didnt have anywhere to keep them. How terrible would that be?

I started off with a couple in my knicker draw, no they need their own draw.... pershaps they will end up needing their own room. OHhhhhhh SEX ROOM! Or dungeon......... Ohhhhhh! LOl

MM xx