Toys sizing

I want to get my wife a toy slightly girthier than myself, I’ve measured and I’m 2" diameter, about 5" circumference. When looking for what to buy you can’t go fatter without going loads longer. Or the sizing in photos for something around 5 " circumference look huge in photos, and comments on reviews are people saying that really struggled with the girth.
So I don’t know what to buy

Anyone else in the same boat?

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The best thing to do is to get one and try it. There are quite a few 6" long dildos with a 6" or 7" circumference.

Got any recommendations? Cheers

While there are some very wide dildo toys out there - do not go too big as they are made for pleasure not pain and a large wide toy may look fun but can be painful if you are not used to them

Personally I would measure yourself and then buy one the same size or within 25% bigger - no more :lovehoney_heart:

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No worries cheers, anyone got this one that can vouch for the girth-king cock ultra realistic 5.5 apparently 6" circumference

You can use the filters on LH to select the girth circumference you are after. Using the filter for a 5.25 & 5.5 inch dildo gets these which seem to vary between 6 to 8 inches in length.

I guess consider that just because it’s much longer doesn’t mean you have to use the full length.

I’ll also just say there’s always a little trial and error if you’re just getting into it - unless you’ve used the brand/line of toys before there’s always variety of material feel and stiffness. So you might find one that’s the size you’re looking for, but it’s too stiff, or the silicone has too much drag, or the curve is too much (all things have happened to us).

Even a half inch more in girth can feel like a lot. But see the point above after ordering: I find the website measurements are pretty reliable, but sometimes it’s not clear if the girth listed really is based on the widest point or not, or it’s not clear how much of it actually is at that girth.

Finally: my wife is not a size queen, but I do have a little bit of a stretching fantasy/kink with her and really enjoy playing with extenders and bigger dildos. She has to REALLY be in the mood to go bigger or it’s just painful for her (childbirth flashbacks), so keep that in mind as you start playing bigger than what she’s used to before jumping up.

Hi @jones1, not identical but last year we got a King Cock Girthy Triple Density Ultra Realistic Dildo 8 Inch from LH (they no longer stock these unfortunately, but look similar to the one you’ve noted), it is a bit too long for Mrs Joe all in, but at 6” girth makes for a perfect fit Girth wise. We like the softer texture as she doesn’t like the more rigid dildos, especially if they have a noticeable ridge on the head. With similar dimensions to @jones1 the extra 0.5” girth makes for a fun evening with king cock.