Tracey Cox Wand

I just recently purchased a Tracey Cox Super Sex Massage Wand. I love how it is, the design and everything about it but I am finding that after 5 minutes of using it, it gets considerably louder!

It's very quiet when it first gets turned on and when it first comes into contact with skin but as I said, 5 miutes into using it (without much force on head, just lightly pressed against skin) it becomes much louder. I saw on the reviews that it was quiet which is what drew me towards buying it as I live with my parents.

It doesn't matter what direction the wand is facing / upside down, right way up, it still gets louder. As said above, I live with parents and the wand got so loud I had to stop using it. I then tried turning the wand on the next day and applying a little pressure using my hand and it did the same thing. The noise doesn't stop once you remove from skin either, it stays that noisey until you turn it off.

I haven't contacted Lovehoney directly as I didn't know if this was a fault or if it's just how the wand is. Does anyone have this wand and experianced a similar problem?


Wands are very very loud in general. If you're looking for something very very quiet, I would highly recommend this product -

erm i cant say i have had this with ours.

it isnt exactly quiet. but it isnt earth rumbling loud either

Thank you very much for your reply, I do actually have one of those bullets but the Lelo version (Mia), I was after trying something a little different. Thank you again

Thank you for your reply, it's not earth rumbling loud, it's just around 3x times louder than when you first turn it on, I just found it odd as I haven't experianced this with any of my other toys.

I did wonder at first if it was the batteries shaking about but the noise is coming from the middle of the wand, where the switch is located.

It will be as it gets hot inside, and not from using it , I bet if you just switched it on and left it, it would do the same.

I have this wand and it is very quiet & waterproof :) x

Also, although not a wand as such, this is also a firm favourite of mine and is very powerful and very quiet :) x