Treating your subs

Sorry if there's already a thread regarding this please direct me if I have missed it.

I am currently engaging with a few people on the local bdsm side and exploring my domme side more. Im female and I am a switch and the sub's I'm engaging with are all male but I am just wondering how other experienced dommes treat their male sub's.

There is no sex or penetration involved. Mainly foot worship and online talking and commands to be met. As I go further I'm needing more creative ideas.

So I have planned to give my stockings away in the future when one of these sub's who will publicly serve me in a play setting at an event and he loves that treat idea. I have thought of the usual give them a pair of my panties \ socks \ stockings. Even photos of my feet for them to keep private for themselves. Been given the idea of flashing them my bits etc I'm just wondering if any one else has any creative treat ideas they wouldn't mind sharing with me. Thank you.

No ideas but would love to know how one gets into that sort of scene. Now 'sir' has decided I'm too human to date I'm curious about meeting others (I think I'm more of a switch too) x

Hi. I've always been into kink and in and out the lifestyle but only recently joined the community this year. I also found a few old friends on the scene so feel a lot more comfortable knowing I already know some of them. I found my local meet ups play and non play through the fetlife website my friend got me to join earlier this year :)


Oh ok, thanks. I think I would be too scared tbh. Xx

I wouldn't go alone to a first event go with a friend or someone you've built true with online maybe meet them somewhere public but close to the event place. (My friend called off last minute due to illness so I agreed to meet with a respected well known local Dom who I spoke online sooas I joined the local groups and he also took another newbie for her first time he's also her protector they met me around the corner under all the public CCTV and we all walked in together) once in there there was no nerves and my experience was great . its not like when u go to a pub n drunk people touch you in fact noons touched me at all it was the kind of setting where yes it was a play event but you get permission before you assume you can touch someone :)

Can just lurk a while that's what I did followed threads and groups and chats before I joined in etc :) I also follow a lot of others in the lifestyle some private some just at home n some who are publicly known and I've learnt a lot just through chatting to these people online and in person :)

Can be very nerve wracking at first but its a scene you can be yourself free from judgements most of the time and you get to explore and act out all your desires :)

Thanks Vixenchel xx

If you live anywhere down the south of England then there is a club called clubcandygirls in Sunbury on thames and also in Portsmouth. The sunbury one has a dungeon in it which you can use. So if you have one dressed as a maid then you could meet there. That is a great club. Been there a few times. Have a website if your interested with details.

If you are looking for public fun then maybe getting them to have a vibrating butt plug or cock ring with a remote control on it that you can activate at your leasure.