Wands, Wands, Wands

Hi Newbie here I have a question, I’ve been eyeing the wands for an awfully long time and after getting my first rabbit am ready to get one, so after that little intro let’s get back to my question. Does anyone have any advice on which to buy, basically I need to know mains operated or rechargaable???? So any tips, stories, votes etc will be greatly appreciated. Thank you x

Mains powered wands tend to be more powerful than rechargeable ones, however many rechargeable wands are still massively powerful.

The limitation with mains powered is the cord. You need to have a plug socket reasonably close to wherever you intend to play (generally this won’t be an issue if your main play space is your bedroom but might be an issue if, for example, you like camping and spend a lot of time in tents). Mains powered wands aren’t ever waterproof. Whereas some rechargeable ones are.

If you want to be able to buy attachments for the head you will need to be careful which one you choose. (So the mini Lovehoney rechargeable wand, Doxy 3, medium Lelo smartwand are definitely ones that you can’t get heads for, although that’s not an exhaustive list)

All the wands will give you variable speed, solid vibrations but not all have patterns, so if you are a fan of patterns you should avoid the Lovehoney Classic.

Basically, it really depends on what you need/want from a toy

I have a mains wand and it's a bit of a pain. You have to be very careful when cleaning it because it has vents and ridges plus the wire gets in the way. That's why I'm looking into getting a rechargeable and waterproof wand to combat this. *Eyeing up the Mantric wand*

Don't get me wrong; the mains wand is great. It's strong and has a wide surface area.But I can't even use the high settings anyway unless I want my clitoris to fly off. So even if the rechargeable ones aren't as powerful, it will be just right for me I think.

Thanks Kelly_Michelle, this was really helpful :-). Attachments???? Who knew lol, something else to look into.

Thanks HunnyMonster29, the wire was the main thing that had me looking and walking away, thanks for the advice especially the cleaning parts :-) looks like I’ll be researching some more rechargeables.

I gave quite a detailed breakdown of the different ones we own in this thread if you're interested. 🙂