Watching wife being massaged

Hello just wondered if im the only one that likes to watch my wife having a massage. We went on holiday and had a couple massage, 2 massagers came in one male and one female. Thinking we were going to be massaged by the same sex we were surprised when I got the female and my wife got the male. they started massaging us and I looked at my wife to see if she was ok. She nodded that she was fine so I relaxed. I kept looking at her and got aroused when she was being massaged by another man. does anyone else get turned on by this or is it just me. Please let me know. Many thanks

I know what you mean, in terms of sexual activity.

My ex and I were swingers and I used to love seeing her with another guy whether she was pleaseing him or him pleasing her.

Never specifically a massage - but I can understand the excitement.

I have suggested getting my wife an erotic massage with a female masseuse but she was actually quite annoyed at the suggestion. Note to myself: fantasies are quite often best left at that,

Ooooooh sounds hot , would love to do this

I like the idea of this too.

I've never been for a massage, but think I'd like us to have a couples massage at some point.

I'm kind of the opposite - I find the idea of my OH being shagged silly by one or more other guys really hot (at least in theory) but massaging is more of a tender, loving thing just for us.

Just written a reply and my computer crashed. i was writing to tell you what happened after we started the massage. Basically the massuse undid my wifes bikini top and started massaging her back, he then massaged her legs and got really close to her privates. He was doing this for quite a while and my wife was breathing rather heavily. He told her to turn over but didnt do her top up and that ended up on the floor.He picked it up and put it beside her .He said something to her but i didnt hear it as he was very quiet. She shook her head and he carried on .He proceeded to massage her legs at which point i got turned over and got my face massaged. I couldnt really see what was going on but my wife was still breathing heavily. I finally looked to my side and he was massaging my wifes breasts and tummy .Her eyes were closed and she was very relaxed. He spent a long time on her breasts and kept going up and down her legs. After a while he said we are finished relax together and get up when your ready.

I asked my wife what did he ask you earlier. She said he asked me if i wanted to put my top on but i said no just carry on with what your doing and dont worry how much you touch. I asked her if she enjoyed it to which she replied. It was lovely but it think i have a confession to make , She then took my hand and put it down her bikini bottoms. Lets just say she was very happy. When i asked her if she would do it again she didnt hesitate to say yes as long as hes good looking like the one ive just had. Next time she said she would just take her top of to start with and may even ask them if they massage nude. She then said i think we need to go back to the room. We stayed there for the rest of the night

Was this in a normal hotel or a "different" type of one? Never heard of the breast massage part of a spa session lol

No it was a normal hotel. We were in egypt and it did happen just like i said.After we got home we looked on tripadvisor and a few people said things about the massages.

I would very much love to watch my OH get a nude massage as it is a big turn on for me. Likewise I know she would very much enjoy seeing me get a nude massage from another woman.

Taking it further, I would love to be massaging another woman whilst her partner was watching me giving her a massage.

I am female and have the same fantasy, but switched (I would like to watch a woman or man massage my guy and I would likely sadistically plant naughty seeds into his mind before hand because I like the idea of him trying not to think naughty thoughts or get aroused during, as I know that would mortify him lol)

However, if I actually ever went through with this, I would hire an escort to do it. I have a big problem with using a standard (non-sexual) masseuse to play a part in my/our fantasy without her consent, you know? I mean, I am sure these women see erections often as part of the job, but to actually send him with the hope that he got one just seems wrong, when the woman/man isn't consenting to that.

It's always fun to watch! I personally enjoy watching A recieve pleasure, whether it is self-inflicted or by others!