Wearing lingerie and knickers

Great point , they make a whole selection of mens styled ladies underwear . " Boy " boxer briefs seem to be the most common . About 1985 I was leaving work in my van and my pager went off for a rescue dive and I drove straight to the scene . First diver on location of a pickup in the river . I got a short report from police and fire on scene and jumped into the back of my van and stripped out of my street clothing . I was down to my string bikini and turned around and a news camera was focused on my ass . I was not pleased . At least I was not wearing panties , but they had enough common sense to not air that portion on the 5 oh clock news . Their rating ( and mine ) might have gone up at the time I had just finished 5 years of body building .


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Great read, can’t agree more that unfortunately some people still do have small minds, like yourself I to love to dress in panties, stockings etc, with my male clothes over the top.


One thing that needs to be said and repeated on this subject is: men wearing their wives’ panties to inject a bit of fun into sex is probably much more common than you think. Nearly every time I’ve chatted to other men about it, in forums like this, they admit that they have tried it - and like it. So don’t for a minute think it is a minority interest. A few years ago I finally plucked up the courage to suggest it to my wife, and she is now more than happy to indulge me! I would say, though, that she is the kind of person who immediately thinks of the worst case scenario whenever anything new happens, and at first I am sure she had visions of coming home to me wearing a wig, lipstick and high heels, which she would have found difficult to handle. With hindsight, I would probably have begun the conversation by telling her what I didn’t want to do, and work around to what I did want to do.


Very well put.All my friends both male and female pretty much know i wear lingerie and they are all cool about it with all the guys admitting to having tried at least once and most of them on a regular basis.We all now find it strange anyone who doesn’t get a whole lot of pleasure out of the wonderful lingerie wearing experience.