weight putting me off

Please dont judge me

My husband is lovely, but he was very reluctant to have children, as he didnt want us to change, he used to say things like when women have kids they let themselves go!! Which I don't agree with.

3 children later and although its been hard and our sex life suffered lots while they were tiny, things have recently turned around due to my sex drive returning.

I have worked hard to keep my figure and keep myself fit, and try to make an effort on appearance.

But he on the other hand has let himself go! He is now at least 4 stone overweight, and sometimes I have to say to him are you going to shower/bath/ shave ect

I love him, and want sex as its important for a couple, but this not looking after himself, and the weight is putting me off... feel like he's letting me down.

Ive tried gently talking about it, helping with diet, cooking well. I've tried being direct sbout it and saying its upsetting. He tries, but it never lasts

Its getting me down.