What are YOU contemplating purchasing next?

I don’t have that particular desire toy but I do have two others ones, one being a gspot rabbit style and one being a double ended gspot dildo. I also have that mantric dildo and I much prefer the desire toys.
I really like the flat bulbed end and I find the toys firmer. I also prefer the desire brand as you get a zip bag with their products.

We have both the Mantric and the Desire and its the Mantric everytime.
Both excellent toys but it’s that one that we reach for in play sessions.

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Thanks @Peitho @Deanna32 @arry069 :+1:

We do have the mantric wand and is my OH favourite toy. We also have the desire rabbit, has great power and always makes her cum :sweat_drops:

Thanks for the suggestions!


Im thinking of buying more sexy men lingirie and a second dual sense dildo to have fun practicing giving bj’s if I ever find myself with someone with the right stuff :smirk:

And looking into bigger/wider dildos/plugs for the purpose of anal training.
Possibly a monster dildo kind of thing that a realistic dick wont give as much :flushed:

I’m thinking of getting a clit suction toy as I’ve heard they are really good. I’ve just got to try and decide on which one. I’m also looking into getting more lingerie but LH don’t do my size :cry:


@mrssaffa definitely, talking after he enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m looking to surprise him with a little vibrator for him to use in the future.


@Sehara sounds super sexy glad you had a good time. Cant wait for my fun period been in the way just cant wait


So pleased you had such a great time @Sehara. Like you and your OH, my wife occasionally strokes my cock with one of her vibrators and it feels great. Wondering now whether we should buy a cock ring to see what that would be like.


@SeaSideCpl I’m looking to buy him a bullet vibrator as a gift as he has never owned a sex toy before. Also he he doesn’t like going through my things including my sex toys.

Hope he enjoys it @Sehara. Similarly most of our small number of toys are my OH’s. But we did buy some vibrating anal beads for her to use on me. Always seems really sensual and very intimate when she uses a toy on me.

We haven’t worked up to anything anal on him yet baby steps for now.

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my daddy wants me to start wearing some lingerie when i go to his house so something to tease him

The We-vibe Chorus has been on my wish list for a while, so many great reviews around and I’ve only used one similar toy; a very cheap and powerless version.

Wondering how close this is as I would probably not use the app. Anyone got experience with both?

I bet he would, who wouldn’t

Was thinking about the rose any of you lovely ladies tried it and is it any good

Since I’ve rediscovered my drive, I’ve also realised that we’ve got stuck in a rut and always do the same boring things, so would like to try some new things.

Considering getting some of the silky bondage restraints and triple butt plug training set, as I’ve not tried bondage nor anal before.

Since both items are included in the current 3 for 2 offer, I might as well get a new vibrator to make the most of the savings :joy:


Jus ordered this, nxt day delivery, need something new asap!

It was going to be the rose but OH said what if it makes her cum very quickly I said then you just get to cum more has anyone tried it and is it any good because she would hate to have to send it back OH isn’t the biggest fan of vibes as she prefers flesh in her that’s why I am thinking about the rose :rose:

We have the Mon Ami rose and it is my deserted island toy for sure, hands down favorite! It is effective so I do cross the finish line quickly but it’s not so much that I don’t want to run another race if you know what I mean.

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