What gets you going

I'm sure there is probably a thread like this but havnt been able to find one so please redirect or delete if needed..thought I would just ask, after chatting in a forum here I downloaded a sleep talk app to just see what happens really in the land of nod, so long story short it activated earlier than I thought and recorded me and my wife getting to it, never thought of it before but when I played it back it was a massive turn on for both of us, so really the question is what has got you going that you didn't expect or what gets you in the mood straight away

All i have to do is start stroking the Mrs back or arm in bed and its game on! or even suggesting things gets her going..

Me? All she has to do is show off her a body to me and again.. its GAME ON!!

If my OH comes down in any sort of uniform that usually is enough to get me going.

A kiss on the nape of my neck for me!

Sorry I am totally going to be a party pooper 

We have this : 


This one: 


There are others but these seemed more fitting.

I will close this one and feel free to bump these other threads on the same topic. 

Thank you