What has been the most disappointing sex you have ever had?

I had an ex who used to brag how he was a whizz with the ladies....a resurrection of our long buried relationship was tried and I have to say I was shocked.

No foreplay....no fun....no giggles....no kink and very few minutes spent playing! What happened to the Don Juan!

Just out of interest what was your most disappointing playtime experience?

Ummmmm, do we have the same ex? ;)

funnily enough it was with my now husband, he was so nervous when we first go it on that it was like playing snooker with a rope! haha. He's fabby now though :)

Standard missonary with no biting or anything fun as the ex wasn't very experimental

I went down on her and made her cum twice, then afterwards she looked at me and was like well get on with it. So I started the missonary and she was just dead silent, i put her in doggy and finished.

was so disapointed that for all my effort I got no foreplay, BJ back.

Last night :( first time since the plastic doughnut was inserted to keep my cervix up till my operation.
Couldn't relax was so nervous he'd hit the cervix and hurt me!
He was worried too.
And almost at the end of it I started having lower cramps which lasted most of today :(
Damn womb :(

Lol Mrsmcx, honestly the sex was shocking!!! Lucky if it lasted 2 minutes and it was the same routine every time, no variety nothing! If I tried anything he would recoil in horror, even my nipple piercing repulsed him to the point he wouldn't go near me...

an ex, he only liked missonary position, didn't like experimenting or foreplay and only wanted it about once every two weeks, he also kept calling me a nympho when i bought a sex toy and that it was an insult to him :s

Sex with my ex.... Had fairly good sex in the first year or so.... The remainder of the 19 years was downright crap. Either all about him... Or abusive.. So tbh got seriously turned off sex . last few years with him... Thankfully we had a non existant sex life..... ( cause he was shopping elsewhere it seems😈)

After ditching him 3 yes ago.. One operation later... I have blow out the cobwebs, with a bloke off pod.... Realised the sex I had with my ex really was crap!!😄
Now experimenting is going to be my thing from now on.... Much more fun😉😇

A while ago,with a guy I never went out with after this.Bad hygene and surprise fingering of my butt..not cool.

Many many years ago I chased a stunning young lady for nearly a month. We played the courtship game and she certainly lead me to believe she was very sexual. When we finally got around to it. She just lay there totally still no movement at all and not a sound. It to me ages to come without any input from her. She had told me she wasn't a virgin. So sad as she was sex on legs.

Whit my ex when we came back home after partying and both drunk. I was so turned on and halfway through he just fell asleep.
I wouldn't believe if someone told me that's even possible.

Well hopefully we are all finding our sexual explorers inside and bring them out more and more....I couldn't go back to boring mundane sex, I think I would fall asleep half way through, well that's if I had time to of course. I find it interesting hearing about other peoples experiences and finding out I wasn't the only one that had a shocking ex in the bedroom. X

I really don't like that sort of sex urrrrgh! I like an adventure in the bedroom or wherever takes my fancy and there is nothing I don't think I would try at least once to see what it's like....

With my wife. She doesnt like kissing and sucking her tits doesnt do anything for her. I love sex and reading about it so i have tried new things and new toys with her. She orgasms but after that she wants me to finish and so she can go to sleep. In last 5 years i would be lucky if i had sex twice a year.

Twice a year!!! Bloody hell, kissing can be one of the raunchiest things about the whole sex session, mix that up with everything else, lots of foreplay, touching, messing about, keeping it fun plus with the added dash of kink things should never go stale. Bless ya, must be extremely difficult x

With the stuff that goes through my head I could write a series of books that could battle fifty shades, and provide hours of xxx film lol

A few stories come to mind. One like gentle giant's so won't repeat...but seriously, its not fun having sex with someone who may as well be a warmed up corpse!

The other one was a lass I'd meet a year previous at a festival when we'd both been with other people, then met up at random in as club both single. Went on a date, had a great time, kissed....it was terrible.

Like unbearable.

But she was keen, I figured maybe one of those times it takes a few goes to get in sync (current OH kissing didn't click until the third time and then becme amazing so...) so when she realised she'd missed he train so needed to get the same bus I did but further,a drink near mine was suggested.

Another kiss. no better.

But bit tipsy and getting on so well, when she suggested going back to mine I thought hell why not.

It didn't get better.

It was mouth rhythmically opening wide, big sweep of the huge tongue. Close mouth. Repeat. My face was soaked from my eyes to my chin. I couldn't seem to influence a change.

I suggested calling a taxi, "I'm so tired" etc. She said ok, but tell them in an hour or so , and wanders upstairs.

I phoned the fastest taxi service I knew and said NOW!

In the 5 mins before they arrived she was half naked and It was getting worse. I was so glad she didn't seem to realise what I'd done.

We did not go out again.

It was with a ex for me too we got together when I was young he was 20 year older,there were no tongues when we kissed, and the positions were mundane this went on for years I thought it was normal as I knew no different then we split up for a few months I met someone new and found out what I was missing 😮...Funny tho as my ex was considered the town stud in his day 😂

I dont like boring sex too. I love to try new things, different places and so on. But sometimes it is so good to have a pure vanilla. Not dead vanilla lol as i think vanilla doesn't have to be boring and it is enjoyable when you both want it. So i think there is nothing wrong with missionary unless it is an everyday norm.