what size for 36dd


I looking to get my OH some outfits here she a size 12 and 36dd is medium best or should I go for large



Much is going to depend on the type and style of garments you are looking at.

Each should have it's own size chart and reading through reviews is normally very useful.

Failing that, have a word with Customer Care, they are pretty helpful.

Lastly, don't forget the fantastic returns policy, so if it doesn't fit you can return/exchange it.

Good luck xxx

Was thinking something like this


But want to make sure breast stay in place

On reading the reviews I would probably suggest the large.

Like I said you can always fall back on the returns policy.


Thanks for your help lovingnewtoys I go for the large

Hope it fits - let us know, it's a stunning piece xx

Thanks will do but it will be a Xmas present

My wife is a 14, but with 2 caveats. She's 36FF (woohoo!) and unfortunately has a large pouch of fat in her tummy thanks to an emergency caesarian. She's ultra fit (gym 5 times per week), and just can't shift the tummy.

We're struggling with LH's lingerie range as a result - but this fits well, and hides the tummy really well: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=33912

We have only just started to dabble in the lingerie, but are thankful for LH's return's policy.

What size you go for biginberks

dubguy wrote:

What size you go for biginberks

Large :)

Nice outfit by the way hope she looks good in it

I think a large would be best.
I am a 36dd and a size 14 and this fit me well.