What to do with a blindfolded man

I've previously explained, that I have anxiety issues. I've dissused this with my partner and he's been very supportive. I think I'll be more confident/comfortable in bed if my partner isn't looking at me, so we've decided to use blindfolds. Appart from the obvious (oral sex, touching, etc) what can I do with a blindfolded man

Mess with his head. Give him a massive dildo to feel, telling him that you are going to penetrate him with it. Watch him tremble as you switch it for a more modestly-sized one before proceeding.

Better question is what CANT you do!

I love to use a blindfold with my OH to tease him and it drives him wild!

Stroke, tease, tickle, lick, touch, blow, let your imagination run! React to his reactions, look and listen out for what he likes, if you want to tease him stop then wait and start again. He will be begging.

Oh and don't forget to talk dirty to him and whisper in his ear what you are wearing, he will be dying to see!

Have fun! Relax.

My plan is to go with the flow, but Im scared I'll do something wrong

The world is your oyster if your partner is blind folded. You can get up to lots and also you can be a real minx.

A trick I am thinking of playing on my Mrs and I already know that she is opposed to things like Golden showers which is urinating on your partner and I wouldn't like it either if being honest. I am considering whilst she is blindfolded is playing a trick on her. I am going to place some warm water in a glass and perhaps just add a little salt as well and just pour it onto her body.She will think I had just urinated on her and I just want to see her reaction.

Another thing I have done which is perhaps more acceptable and great for a hot summer night is to place ice cream on my partners body and then link it off.