What would you try

I would try anything legal once. And if I wasn't sure whether or not I liked it, I'd try it again, just in case. Sex isn't like marmite, it's more like brussel sprouts. Do it wrong and you're farting for days.....

I would love to be dominated

I have a longing for tie and tease, with me being the one tied and ... well, you know;)

I'm desperate to try a metal dildo, I'm saving for the njoy eleven, but it's going to take a while!

I would love to attend a swingers party with my OH or try some wife swapping with a couple.
Already had a FFM threesome in the past but never with my current OH so wouldn't mind that.
The thought of watching OH with a stranger turns me on.
Wouldn't mind trying out some light bondage.

A threesome. Either FFM or MMF I have a secret thing about both! But I wouldn't do it for real it's just a fantasy!

OH was at her sisters yesterday to see if she was ok and if she needed anything as her hubby is away with work her answer was a bit surprising to OH because she said a nice hard dick to play with then she said but my toys will have to do for the next 10 days then she told her she really wanted another golden shower on her tits ( which by the way are magnificent) and on her pussy she was tell OH what it feels like. OH came home and when I got in she said I may have a job for you on Sunday then she told me what it was she is thinking of us going over to her sisters so she can have what she is craving then she said Iā€™m coming with you because I want to watch you piss on her cunt and if I like what I see then when we get home you can do it to me and I may even do it to you. She will be allowed to suck you off but not fuck you