What's everyone reading

Orlando by Virginia Woolf, started it ages ago but only just got back to reading regularly again. Next on the list is Before the Coffee gets Cold


Driven-Rush in the 90’s and In The End.


I just cannot get into Virginia Woolf! I wish I could! I’m jealous, enjoy! X

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Read Three by Beth Cameron…twice! Really enjoyed it. Three stories intertwined but very well written. Hopefully another book on the way from her.

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Thursday murder Club by Richard Osman


Midnight Library by Matt Haig. It is about a woman between life and death who gets to try the different lives that she could have had. An interesting book that made me appreciate what I have instead of longing for the lives I didn’t have due to choices I have made.


It’s the first Woolf I’ve tried so I don’t know how it compares to her others, I’m enjoying it. I guess it could be difficult, a strange prose style, but I just don’t try too hard to follow everything and just let the words wash over :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just read Bob Mortimer and away his life story made me chuckle :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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That’s in my to be read pile

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@AmyA It’s a good read I read orange satsuma first though which made a reference or 2 to his real job and life that was good too :+1:

Ah yes, i don’t have that yet but have heard good things.

I’d get it read that first and then the And away made it a lead into his life story for me :+1:

I see nobody here is reading mildly explicit fantasy novels :innocent::tipping_hand_woman:

@mrssaffa you got recommendations for us ?:kissing_heart:

Love these books! reading the 3rd one now :slight_smile:

I’m hooked, it’s my school run book! Sit and read whilst waiting for the little one.

Looking forward to the next one already x

Virginia Woolf
A Room of One’s Own: stunning prose

Anna Karenina

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