What's the difference?

So I was looking at the below toys deciding which one to try as I haven’t tried this type of toy before and I’ve been wanting one for a while and I was wanting to treat myself around Christmas time.

When I was looking, I didn’t really understand the differences. All I see is it is that same product but one has a fancier charger and Bluetooth. That’s it. Is there another reason why one is £80 more than the other or is it just because of the charger and the Bluetooth? I feel like I can’t justify the higher price tag unless it works better in use. Id most likely never use the Bluetooth and the charger just seems a bit much.

Does anyone know what the differences are? I’m dyslexic so it’s a bit hard to compare words a lot of the time.


The main difference is the chorus has the ability to be app controlled which means a partner can control the toy from anywhere in the world through the app on a smartphone.

If you don’t have a partner wanting to control the toy from long distance then the X will suit your needs.

Both are a “couples” vibrator designed for use during PIV sex though so worth bearing in mind that there may be better gspot and clit toys out there if its just for solo use.

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Like @Goth_Girl said, the raised price would be due to the fact that’s it can be app controlled.
App controlled vibrators tend to be ALOT more expensive than typical remote control ones.

If you think you would never use the bluetooth/long distance than the remote control one does everything you would need it for and I would suggest that one. x

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