Whats your magic number?

I read somewhere recently that the average UK woman has 12 lover, and men 14.

For me it's 3. I'd be quite happy for it to go up or stay put (preferably the latter!) but 12 seems a bit of a target. (Although realistically I've been active 4 years, so 12 would only take 16 years at this rate... lol)

Do you carve notches on your bedposts Crayola hun?

About 20 (without making too much effort on the maths). I was a late starter so I was probably less than you at your age Crayola, made up for it in my mid 20s though.

There must be some dudes on here with a huge tally though. Anyone in the hundreds?

Um... let's just say more than the average :)

WOuld if I didn't have a metal bed tallboy :P
Nah mine've always been in committed relationships, so not exactly going to forget anyone. *Feels all innocent*

for me its only been 2 one was a fling and the other was my mr right my OH found him early in life so never went wiv anyone else we met when i was 15 im now nearly 21!

mines only 2 aswell :) first with first proper boyfriend at 16 then now with my current guy and i wouldnt change that for the world :)

flirtybabe when are you going to give me some more thrills by changing your pic? dont get me wrong im loving the cleavage but maybe you can show some more?

hmmm 2 men, one lady - my first proper boyfriend at 18 and my current (5 years and counting!) and a girl about...hmmm 4 years ago i guess? but i did fall in love with another girl...who was a lover but not physically? if that makes sense....


2 of whom were one night stands...

2 of whom were long term bf's...

and the last one... my dirty little secret.

I got my count up to seven, without actually trying to delve too deeply into my 2-marriage, 2-divorce history. And that's relationships. There were other incidents.

Then I started to wonder. Do blowjobs count? And what about that time when I got my fingers very moist with the lady on my right, at dinner on holiday in Crete, wnen my SO was the lady on my left?
And what about encounters with other blokes? Yeah, well, I'll leave it there, I think ...

Dear god i'm a slut!!!! well man-slut at least. I'm mid to late twenties, score and age lol.

And no, blowjobs & foreplay etc dont count, or i would be in excess of double that!

*sit in corner in shame!*

Well, if you start adding fingering/oral (for moi) and handjobs/blowjobs (for him) and encounters with members of the same sex (only one for me, mind you), my number goes up a bit too!

I'm at a pretty hefty 15... which is quite a few for a girl, epscially a girl that was monogamous for five out of the seven years she's been active. For shame.

Think the stats are different for Ireland?! Perhaps I'm average here, lol.

Maybe between 10 - 15? I can't remember as it has been a long time since I was with anybody other than my present husband. He has had sex with two other women apart from me, but it doesn't bother him. I think it's because it is easy to get laid if your female but guys have to do most of the running and face possible rejection. (Well that is my rationalisation anyway).

just 5 for me

i faced plenty of rejection trust me! lol

Goodness. I don't ascribe to that whole name-calling thing but mine is high, maybe around 40 (most definately not counting oral/handplay etc.), so not in the hundreds but plenty high enough - I went through a wild phase, what can I say!

I've never thought of counting as it's never been that important. Also, I don't have enough f0ingers and toes. ;)