When did you last give a bj?

Ladies or men.....when did you last give a BJ? For me I gave hubby one on the sofa last night. [CENSORED]


4am this morning, after an evening of just kissing and touching, both unable to sleep, a slow, sensual one that was perfect for the time and mood, we both had an amazing experience!

I’ve just finished giving a blow job ! On the sofa too which was naughty :)

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I’m so envious, haven’t received one in years.

Last night, all tied up, brilliant

Last night. I’ve been trying out some new techniques from a book I bought on LH, hubby is enjoying all the practice 😂

Last night, finished in my mouth which I don’t normally do

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Yummy bet he was happy

Very happy and I shall be doing it more often I think!

During our last foursome, about 6 weeks ago.

About half an hour ago. Mr LNT came on my body xx

Got mine last night after making the wife cum 3 times I exploded in the good wife mouth hoping for a repeat tonight

This morning. He came in my mouth which I've never been sure about before. I could grow to love it..

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Never lol 😂

This morning and I swallowed. 😀

Last night. I'm not going to lie I think I enjoy giving as much as he enjoys receiving.

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Funnily enough last night. Unfortunately it ended up being rather rushed which was really annoying! Rushing spoilt the mood completely! Oh well hopefully get to try again later!

About an hour ago.we hadn’t done anything all week and decided on a spontaneous treat.judging by the whimpers,moans and groans,I must have done a good job. Would like to have prolonged it, but had to go to work! Love morning fun!!!

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I aslo sent the OH off to work with a big smile on his face and empty balls. I try to do it at least twice a week for him, and then he's hungry for more come night time.

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Unfortunately it's been 20 or so years since I last gave a bj, obviously me being Bi hasn't changed but my Bi life ended when I met my now wife, if I could I would love to give one again but I'm very happily married so the chances are very slim. We do have BJ Wednesday in our house as my wife loves giving BJ's.