When did you last have sex?

@Curvycandy … Mrs W here… your description is spot on … its much more than “feeling horny”, it is far stronger and very primeval… Mr W been away far too long…


Everyday is one day closer to his return :tada:


Last night very sensual lovemaking session


A nice mutual masturbation session with me finishing in wifes mouth


Two nights ago, wife and I had some magic mushrooms and a 3 hour sex session. So much fun!


A feminised morning for me.

Dressed in black wet look backless knickers.

Face fuxxed while she came on the bullet vibrator inside her harness briefs then pegged in reverse cowgirl so that she could see the marks she made on my back and bum with the bull whip and cane and finally face fuxxed again (after the clean up) so that she could come again.


Last night lovely pegging and finished with me in her ass


Last night started with mutual masterbation leading into some good missionary then finishing into good hard doggy style


This morning, heard the OH in the kitchen getting breakfast. I had woken up with morning wood, so wandered in sporting a firm erection.

She took one sly glance at it, took off her robe and I took her from behind, as she bent over the kitchen counter.

Now that’s what I call a hearty breakfast.


This morning.

All for her.

I chose 3 toys.

A pebble vibrator.
A suction toy. …and
A Squeel 2.

Using Alexa as a timer she had to keep each toy on her clitoris for 5 minutes whether she came or not. At the end of 5 minutes she had to stop instantly even if she was on the point of coming.

She had a 5 minute rest between toys.

She came a lot and almost came a lot.

By the end i think she had just about melted.


Just after 4 this morning. He couldn’t sleep so he decided I couldn’t either, so a sleepy shag it was then :yum::ok_hand:


Just before 2AM in our house! Wife had to make a last minute 24hr work trip in got in after 1. And is not a ninja. Woke up, snuggled and caught up on news from the business, and then quick sex to reconnect and knock ourselves out for the rest of the night


Last night.
Wifey said she’d been tempted to jump me after work the day before … but she hesitated, and then it got late and she was too tired to follow-through.

It’s classic for my OH. She feels shame being turned-on, and then guilt later for not acting on it.

… but it’s new for her to talk about it with me, and new for me to be more warm and compassionate.

The sex was awesome. Just bloody awesome.

My wife and I are growing together, and it’s definitely in the right direction!


I did it tonight on camera for the first time! I feel good about being able to send my mother a horrifying present.

But the sex was good too. My husband had avoided sex for a few days, and saved up a lot of sperm for me. If I am thinking about it, I can sometimes count how many “spurts” of cum I get. Usually somewhere around 4 or 6, which seems to deposit plenty. But my body usually retains most or all of it. Tonight, even though it was shot deep (and I swear I felt it up by my cervix) it was flowing out of me everywhere. Must have been twice the usual amount, or more. It made a great show when we switched to anal, as I leaked sperm during the whole session. It was still coming out when my husband gave me the second serving, so I got to drip from two places simultaneously. :grin:

For some reason, I feel like I really accomplished something today…


Yesterday afternoon wifed messaged me saying she was going to be waiting in the bedroom when i get home from work
So when i arrived home after work i rushed upstairs to find her laying on the bed wearing her LH lingerie
It took me secs to got my cloths off and join her on the bed, after giving her some oral i moved ny way up her body entering her in doing so
She felt good and wet
We then charged things and she wanted doggystyle and her bullet
She got on all fours and i got behind her, but i first tasted her rubbing myself against her continuing teasing her anal area
She then said you can govi there and cum
So got the lube and slowly entered her while she played with her bullet
We were both enjoying the pleasure when she just said im going to cum and as she did i could feel the pursing orgasm and she made me cum
Lovely start to the weekend :sweat_drops::sweat_drops:


This week’s BDSM card was tame and fairly non specific.

“Your partner will use a butt plug in you during sex.”

So this morning she pushed a medium plug into my bum (about 5" circumference with a narrow neck so it was secure), strapped the Rocks Off vibrator to my penis, set it going and told me not to come till she was ready.
She lay alongside me and masturbated with her wand till she was satisfied then started pinching my nipples and using her fingernails on my glans. Once she does that I lose it completely. It was a very long intense orgasm, especially with the plug in place.

Did you ever get tyring this out on the Mrs??

Not yet unfortunately just not had the time to try it lol :rofl::rofl:

Does the Mrs know you bought it and that it’s ready to be unleashed?? :rofl::rofl::joy::joy:
Good Luck on its first outing, hopefully soon enough for ya!! :joy::raised_hands:t2:

Last night after 2 months due to OH’s pain and subsequent surgery followed up by shark week, of which it was the last day. I offered him the green light if he didn’t mind that… well the way that man dropped everything and threw himself at me :melting_face:
We were exactly like how you’d expect the result of 2 months of mutual tension to be. If I could put it in a phrase it would be passionate ravaging.
He worshiped my body with his mouth like he’d been starved, urgency mixed up with relief to finally be back home and he got the same treatment.
When it got to the actual piv bit, to keep it short there was gentle, rough, hair pulling, choking(possessive, not restrictive), hip pulling, finger work, kissing, ass slapping, dirty talk, ass worship, ball play(gently, because surgery) etc etc.
I had a massive orgasm and after 5 months of being unable to piv he orgasmed too, and all we could do was hold each other and shake.