When does life get easier?

Won’t go into too much detail but once parent has early onset Alzheimer’s, one parent has cancer, one child diagnosed with a rare type of arthritis, another with a rare form of diabetes (they also have a congenital kidney condition) and all three children autistic.

I’m so fed up!

Honestly I just want to catch a break.

Had the GP phone earlier that they need to speak to the kidney specialist about some ‘abnormal’ results from the last urine test too.

Please, just let me have a break!!

On the plus side I should get my covid result tomorrow. Fingers crossed it is negative :grimacing:


Nightmare, when it rains it pours :confused: keep smiling even though its hard


We’re a multigenerational household too so we don’t get away from it.
The dementia sufferer is progressing quite quickly due to the stress of the cancer diagnosis. Catch 22!

I do try to keep smiling. Honestly! :blush:


Life is often shit, and unfair, but we just have to plod on and be nice to each other, hopefully friends and family can support you. Just know you have friends here that will help in any way we can.


It just feels like all the unfairness is raining down all at once. I can barely catch a breath between it all.

I just want a nice, normal, boring life for once. Not to always be filled with drama!

Thank you :heart:


That’s a lot of plates you’re juggling there. I have my fingers crossed for you for that negative Covid result.


Aw I’m so sorry to hear what you are going through :frowning: I get where you are coming from because my mother had to deal with me years ago since I have a mental disability. She had to take me to meetings, to the hospital, to therapy to try and make me get better, etc. She always had something on her plate with me which I always felt awful about. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve managed to really push myself and my disability doesn’t really affect me anymore. It still does on my worst days like any mental disability but it’s way better.

Just push through it and good luck :heart:


I don’t know if you’ve explored help and support service but this NHS list may help: Social care and support guide - NHS


Thanks all :heart:

It is nice to have a safe place to brain dump.

I am fully aware there are many many people out there who have it WAY harder than I do. I should be thankful!
I’m just finding the juggling hard. Especially with being unwell and having to miss work. That really messes with my head.

Anyway. Today is a new day!

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday :heart:


I really feel for you, it does seem some people get it far harder than other and some go through life with out any problems at all. Try to stay positive however hard and remember you can always talk on here.


Stay strong :muscle: :heart: life has a lot of ups and downs but hopefully things will get better soon for you

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@Delightful87 life sounds very difficult at the moment, hope things improve in the near future for you, you will get through it although things might get worse before they get better.

Only piece of advice I would give is, take every offer of help and support that is going. Also do not be afraid to ask for help and support, it is not a sign of weakness. We were told in a similar situation, think how your friends feel when you don’t ask…. They feel useless, so ask and I am sure they will jump at the chance to help in whatever way they can! Spread the burden.

Take all the professional help you can get as well eg McMillan re the cancer.

Good luck, stay strong :muscle:


Was discussing this with a workmate on Wednesday, she has had the most unbelievabley bad few years, and she said an acquaintance had told her “You must have been evil in a past life” which really upset her.
I said it was a very inappropriate and thoughtless thing to say and that bad things happen to good people, and not to take any notice.


Tactless thing to say at the very least .

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Our life seems one minor crisis after another, you just think it’s ok then something else comes along to try and overcome?


I can totally relate :pensive: We have also had a rough time with medical issues since my youngest was born 6 years ago. We have had times when it’s been illness after illness and endless hospital appointments. It’s really hard and I felt that friends and some family members didn’t really get how exhausting it all is or the severity of the situation sometimes. Sending hugs :hugs:


Well we had a cheeky little hospital stay this weekend with the youngest (congenital kidney condition + unknown urine infection = a stay with our local trust :rofl::roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t2:) brilliant thing is that the antibiotics they’re giving them they’re not sure whether they’ll work or not! Infection is very resistant to all the usual antibiotics so could be back in before the middle of the week.

I’ve also come down with a migraine (no surprise, the dementia means parent 1 sleepwalks, sleep-talks, sleep-sings (last night it was hey diddle diddle and the YMCA) and shouts! This went on for four hours last night on and off :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I’m supposed to be back to work tomorrow after being off for a week with flu. I’m not entirely better, completely exhausted still, but I need to go back before they threaten disciplinary :cry::cry::cry:

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Bless you - I feel your pain and it’s true when they say it never rains but it pours.
This time last year I’d lost my job, a parent, we had a house fall apart and become Inhabitable thus in need of a full repair, then I had an abnormal blood test and ended up being investigated for cancer.

At home I have a fabulous supportive family but like yourself I have kids with specific needs and I’ll be honest I kept hoping that it was all just a bad dream…

Things do get better but all I can tell you is that you start to see things differently, living for the day and caring far less about what others say and think as you realize how short life truly is.

Live for the moment, eat chocolate and enjoy life’s little pleasures.
Tough times suck but ride the wave and eventually you’ll arrive at the shore x

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Oh that’s awful - it’s always the good ones that this sort of crap happens to not evil past lives. What a load of crap!