Where's best to look for a female to join fun ?

Me and my partner have been fantasising having a three sum , it'd be mainly female on female action giving him attention now and then , but all te regular dating sites seem to bring mainly catfish or crazy people :/

Unfortunately you'll need to persevere with regular saying or swinging sites.!

Welcome, but best to have a read of the forum rules before getting stuck in :)


I asked here purely as when I googled it lie honey came up but the thread was very old so thought I'd start a new one :)

There's lots of threesome threads already
Like here





To name a few. There's lots more!

Thankyou wasn't sure how to work all this , would delete if knew how , thanks for links

Hi and welcome! Believe it or not there is such a thing as 'forum etiquette' 😄

It is usual forum etiquette to search for threads relating to which ever topic you're enquiring about, if they're old it doesn't matter. That isn't reason to start a new one 😊

Use the links provided to find an answer. This is all friendly advice hun 👍

Hey6710 wrote:

Thankyou wasn't sure how to work all this , would delete if knew how , thanks for links

Good luck! This is my first forum I frequently use and I had to learn how to use it too. We were all new once 😄

Hello, and welcome to the forum :) x

Hello and welcome :)