Will the frustration ever end!

First of all, i wont go into too much detail but it may get a bit much for squeamish people lol also its more of a letting it out rant than a question but advice is always valuable.
Soo I think it was may last year I had a copper coil fitted. I chose copper as hormonal treatments play havoc with my body and just wanted to feel like a normal woman again.
Since I had it fitted I have been bleeding literally every day not just spotting but a fairly heavy flow. I went to my doctor a few months in and he said my body mighty just be adjusting. A few months after he put me on the mini pill, this caused havoc and did nothing. After going back a couple of months ago he finally admitted it wasnt right. Put me on some tablets which he said would definitely stop it. It did but hell only let me have 3 courses which last 10 days. he also booked me in for a scan (at my request).
During all of this as you can imagine me & OH werent having sex as often. Along with that all other kinds of affection slowly disappeared. Even after being together through alot worse we used to kiss and cuddle every night and make sure we said I love you before sleep. I got the date for scan yesterday. Being in the middle of my last course of my tablets we had a chat and both agreed we missed all aspects of intimacy.
Last night we lead on the bed naked and I started stroking his chest, I went to roll over and cuddle up and noticed he was asleep. (I cant be mad for tiredness) so I still cuddled up to him but felt stupid because he wasnt cuddling back.
I just want to go back to cuddles and kisses and feeling like a proper woman xx

I think the main issue here is your contraceptive, and I think you should address this first and possibly change to a different contraception. You could just use condoms and have no hormones in your body at all, but I would personally recommend the Merina Coil.

I have also had problems with hormones playing havoc with my body, but I really don't like the feel of condoms, and when I have no hormones in my body at all my periods are ridiculously heavy and I have cramp that is totally unmanageable.

I spoke to my doctor about this and she advised me to try the Merina Coil. The coil is I fused with hormones that are slowly released into your womb to help with pregnancy prevention, but it also helps to reduce period flow and cramping. I have had the Merina coil in for four years now, due to have it taken out next year, and I will be having another one inserted as soon as it's removed.

I've tried so many different contraception and this totally works for me over any other contraceptive. The hormones that are released are in very small amounts and are localised to be released just into your womb, a very very tiny amount gets into your blood stream, but shouldn't have an impact on your overall hormone balance.

Everyone is different, and what works for someone else might not work for you. This was the case for me, so many people said try the implant, or try the injection but the hormones drove me wild! It's all about learning what is suitable for your body so I would advise trying different contraceptives until you find what works for you.

I am attempting to get it sorted, the latest visit to the doctor was actually me asking to have it taken out but my doctor doesnt think it will stop even after removal :-( xx

I too have the mirena and have had no problems with it and no periods the whole time I've had it!! 4 years without periods!!! Can we say whooooooo!?

Ultimately the decision is up to you, tell your doctor you want it taken out. You will never know if it will stop unless you try.

I know how you feel naughtywildfun90, ive had similar problem with the implant, I have now had to go on the pill to but it does play mayhem with your sex drive, body etc.. but my point is your doctor cant not refuse you the choice to have it removed and if he/she does I definitely recommend seeing someone else or perhaps the local gum clinic can help you?

Good luck hunny xx

I'm also going to sing the praises of the mirena coil. I had one fitted after I became fed up the the very heavy, painful periods I was getting due to the copper coil. I'd also had previous problems with hormonal contraception but the amount of hormone in the mirena is very small and I had no bad effects and periods were extremely light .
If you want the coil removed then you can insist on it and if your dr won't do it ask to see another one. I don't really know how your dr can say that things won't change if its removed, you won't know until you try .
Maybe wait until you have your scan, if results are all normal then have it taken out and use condoms for a while to let your body settle down for a bit x

Sometimes you need to be a bit more insistent with doctors

Oh god my wife is due to have the copper coil fitted soon after the pill destroying her sex life.I was reluctant for her to get it bit she wanted one withoit hormones This doesnt sound good

solidius wrote:

Oh god my wife is due to have the copper coil fitted soon after the pill destroying her sex life.I was reluctant for her to get it bit she wanted one withoit hormones This doesnt sound good

This has been the worst 16 months of my life. I hope she doesnt have any problems xx